How to restore and restore the capacity of the expanded external hard drive that cannot be massproduced[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-25 23:20

  A metal external drive with a 64G external drive is of a different brand, and files are lost during how to boot from usb recovery drive windows 8.1 use. It is suspected to be an expanded external drive. The actual capacity is not 64G at all. This how to boot lg g5 into recovery mode usb kind of external drives are generally mass-produced methods to restore the actual capacity. But this how to boot mac from external drive and recover one doesn't know what the master is.

  Because this external hard drive is made of black colloid, how to boot to recovery partition of hard drive even if you disassemble it, you don't know what the main control is, you can't see it. We use hd tune how to boot twrp recovery mode usb flash drive to test the reading speed, and we can see that the 25% capacity of 64G will be followed by a large how to boot windows 10 from usb recovery drive period of time. They are all smooth straight lines, which means that the following is the expanded how to burn a recovery disk to a usb part, and the reading speed is modified. The actual capacity is 64X0.25=16G.

  However, it was not how to burn el capitan to usb from recovery tested by MyDiskTest software to test the expansion, indicating that the expansion method is still how to burn windows 7 recovery disc to usb relatively clever. This kind of conventional software can't detect that it is an expansion disk.

  Since how to check a windows 10 recovery usb drive the black colloid does not know the master control, we use ChipGenius to check it, and the result how to check usb flash drive for bad sectors is still not able to see what the master control is, so it is impossible to restore the capacity how to clean install windows 10 from recovery usb with the production tool.

  We use diskgenius to partition the external hard drive, and only retain the how to clear mac hard drive without recovery mode previous 16G capacity. As a result, it can't be partitioned at all, as shown in the figure below.How how to clone macbook hard drive from recovery mode to do it?Let me teach you another way

  The method is to use USBoot tool to format it, as shown how to copy recovery partition from usb to dvd below, use hdd mode to format.

  Then the external drive is formatted as a 2G external drive. If your how to copy recovery partition to another hard drive external drive has only 2G actual capacity, you can use it directly, but ours here is 16G, so you how to copy recovery partition to external hard drive need to continue the operation.

  After the format is 2G, we can use MyDiskTest to test that it is an how to copy recovery partition to usb windows 10 expanded external hard drive, and the usable capacity is 16G, as shown in the figure below.

  Now how to copy recovery partition to usb windows 7 we can use diskgenius to partition the external hard drive to operate, as shown in the figure below, how to create a asus recovery usb windows 7 we divide the 16G partition out.

  It is recommended to divide it into a smaller one and divide it how to create a bootable usb from recovery partion into 15G, as shown in the figure below, so as to ensure that the capacity of the external hard drive how to create a bootable windows 10 recovery usb you divide is normal and usable.

  After dividing, click to save the changes, and then your external how to create a macbook recovery usb high sierr a hard drive will be restored to capacity successfully, and there will be no more file loss, so even how to create a macos recovery usb on windows if energy production is not available, we still have a way to restore the external hard drive to a how to create a recovery drive using a usb normal external hard drive for use. At least you don't need to throw it away, and you can continue to how to create a recovery of high sierra usb play the mission of the external drive. However, the quality of the expanded external drive is how to create a recovery partition in hard drive generally not very good. Therefore, it is not recommended to put in important files, otherwise the loss how to create a recovery partition on hard drive will result in heavy losses. questionable.