[Fixed] Win11 computer cannot enter the system when booting the Win11 computer cannot enter the system[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-25 22:40

  When we use the computer, we may not be able to enter the system due to some problems. Recently, recover files off hard drive crashed when a user of the win7 system was using the computer, he suddenly found that his computer could not recover files off hard drive free enter the system. The user did not know what to do, so I was very distressed. Then What to do if the recover files off laptop hard drive win7 computer can't enter the system after booting?Today, I will share with you the solution to the recover files off mac hard drive problem that the win7 computer can't enter the system after booting.

  The computer can't enter the recover files on a hard drive system after booting. Solution:

  1. When the Win7 computer can't enter the system, everyone restarts recover files on bad hard drive the computer first. When restarting the computer, press the F8 key to enter the system safe mode. recover files on corrupt usb drive If the laptop does not have a restart button, then press and hold the power button to force shutdown, recover files on corrupted hard drive and then restart.as the picture shows:

  2. Then choose "Repair Computer", and then enter the system recover files on corrupted usb drive recovery option interface. Click Next to continue.as the picture shows:

  3. At this time, a user recover files on external drive hidden login interface will pop up. If your win7 system requires a password, then you need to enter the recover files on hard drive free password at this time.as the picture shows:

  4. After the input is confirmed, the system recovery recover files on hard drive mac option will be entered. In this interface, we can see the "Startup Repair" option, which is what we need recover files on my hard drive now.If you have other needs, you can also perform other options.as the picture shows:

  5. Select recover files on nondetected hard drive "Startup Repair", then the Win7 system will automatically repair the problem that the Win7 computer recover files on raw hard drive can't enter the system when you encounter it.as the picture shows:

  6. For some common problems, recover files on ssd hard drive Win7 system comes with startup repair can be repaired, you may wish to give it a try.

  7. If the above recover files on usb windows 10 methods can't fix the problem that your Win7 computer can't enter the system after booting.Then you recover files stored on internal hardrive can also select "last correct configuration" to enter the system after booting up and press F8 to recover files that external drive overwritten enter the safe mode.as the picture shows: