external hard drive to install WinXP and Win11 dual system[Win11 Solutions]

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  external hard drive to install WinXP and Win7 dual system

  The hand will share a technique with windows vista recovery boot from usb you, using a external hard drive to install WinXP and Win7 dual system on the computer, let's take a windows vista recovery disc download usb look at the specific steps. USB home

  Steps to install WinXP and Win7 dual system on external hard windows vista recovery disc usb download drive: Home of external hard drive

  1. Download and install the U Daxia external hard drive Startup windows vista recovery disk download usb Tool, click on the desktop icon; Home of external hard drive

  2. After inserting the external drive, windows vista recovery disk usb drive click the One-Key Make USB Startup Disk button, the program will prompt whether to continue, confirm windows vista recovery installation for usb that the selected external drive has no important data and start making:

  3. A dialog box pops windows vista recovery intestaltion for usb up, click OK (note that you should back up the useful information on the external drive before windows vista recovery usb boot download operation). external hard drive Home

  4. Do not perform other operations during the production process windows vista recovery usb download free to avoid production failure. There may be a short pause during the production process. Please wait windows vista recovery usb download iso patiently for a few seconds. When the production is completed, safely delete your external hard drive windows vista recovery usb drive download and re-plug the external hard drive. Can complete the production of bootable external hard drive. windows vista recovery usb flash drive So we made it successfully. USB home

  5. We copy these two Gho systems to our external hard drive windows vista recovery usb free download (the one that has been U-started); then we can go to reinstall the system. external hard drive Home

   windows vista recovery usb stick erstellen 6. Restart the computer, press the DEL key on the desktop, if it is a notebook (press F1 or F2 or F1 windows vista usb bootable recovery disk 1), etc., here we press F2 to enter the BIOS interface; the home of external hard drive

  7. Use the windows vista usb recovery disk download up, down, left, and right keys of the keyboard to select BOOT, use the up and down keys of the windows won't detect media recovery usb keyboard to select USB-FDD, then press F6 to adjust the others to the first position, and similarly adjust windows xp admin password recovery usb the USB-HDD to the second position;

  8. Select exit, and then press exit saving changes (or press windows xp administrator password recovery usb F10 to select OK, the effect is the same).

  9. After a while, we will start U Kai; then we choose windows xp boot recovery usb download to run U Daxia Win7 PE Lite Edition (Super High Compatibility).

  10. After a while, we will enter windows xp create recovery disk usb the PE system; the home of USB

  11. First, we double-click the partition tool DiskGenius on the windows xp password recovery boot usb desktop;

  12. Format the disk you want to install on, (if you have Xp system, then you directly format windows xp password recovery linux usb the disk you want to install win7 system (for format D disk), just like the one I wrote before The windows xp password recovery software usb experience of reinstalling the Win 8 system (using a external drive to reinstall the Win 8 system) windows xp password recovery tool usb is the same, it is also possible to go directly to see that experience); here I have both disk windows xp password recovery usb boot formats, and I installed it directly from the beginning;

  13. Click on the above, then right-click, and windows xp password recovery usb free click Format, the format is usually NTFS, click Format; Home of external hard drive

  14. Close the windows xp password recovery usb key partition tool DiskGenius, and then click Manual Ghost on the desktop;

  15. The interface that windows xp professional recovery usb download appears: click ok to enter ghost. external hard drive Home

  16. Now only the steps to install the system windows xp recovery cd download usb are introduced:

  Click in turn: local—partition—from image (the legendary 1-2-3 steps)

  17. The windows xp recovery console bootable usb pop-up window is as follows:

  In the drop-down browse list, select the location of your gho file. windows xp recovery console iso usb It is best to put the GHO file in the root directory, so that it is easy to find. The ghost software windows xp recovery console usb bootable will have garbled characters when the folder is named in Chinese, but you can't understand it.(Here windows xp recovery console usb drive you go to the computer first to see if the drive letter of your USB drive is D drive or E drive, windows xp recovery console usb image etc., so that you know your USB drive)

  18. After selecting the Gho system, click open (if you have windows xp recovery console usb stick an XP system in use before, then you can directly install the win7 system on your D drive);

  19. There windows xp recovery disc download usb is no good choice here, just click OK. external hard drive Home

  20. In the window that now windows xp recovery disk bootable usb appears, you can select the disk you want to install (see the size generally large data is the hard disk, windows xp recovery disk download usb and the smaller one is the external hard drive), select the hard disk, and then click OK. external windows xp recovery usb download free hard drive Home

  21. After the following window appears, identify which disk your system is to be windows xp recovery usb flash drive installed on, and identify your drive letter from the disk size data in the size column. Generally, windows xp recovery usb free download choose the first one, which is the C drive (if your Xp system was used before) , Then you only install windows xp recovery usb stick download Win7 on your D drive) After selecting, click ok. external hard drive Home

  22. The following windows xp recovery usb stick erstellen figure reminds you whether you really want to reinstall the partition. If you want to reinstall, click windows xp sp3 recovery console usb yes, if you don't want to reinstall, click no. external hard drive Home

  23. Wait a while for a windows xp system recovery download usb pop-up dialog box, I choose to reset the computer (reset computer), wait until the screen goes dark, windows10 recovery usb goes in loop unplug the external hard drive, then go to the BIOS, set the hard disk as the first startup item, then windowss 10 windows usb drive recovery save and exit, then, then The system will be automatically installed; when the installation is wiped hard drive 3 recovery discs complete, the XP system is ready, we have installed the driver of the XP system, and we will start to wise data recovery hard drive recovery install our second system now;

  24. Restart the system and do it again in accordance with the sixth write recovery to hard drive mac to the twenty-second step of this experience.Here I want to say that those places should be paid wyred 4 sound recovery usb reclocker attention to, the twelfth and thirteenth steps format the D disk, this disk is used to reinstall the Win7 xbox 1 external hard drive recovery system; the eighteenth step should pay attention to choosing the Win7 you want to install; you put xbox 360 hard drive recover dat a the above After the operation is over, do not restart the computer; when the progress bar reaches 1 xbox 360 hard drive recovery tool 00%, we choose continue, we also have to activate the win7 startup page; next we will start it;

  2 xbox external hard drive partition recovery 5. Here we repair the startup items, click Start, Programs, click System Maintenance, and then click xbox one external hard drive recovery System Startup to guide repair; Home of external hard drive

  26. The pop-up screen, click on automatic xbox usb recovery does not work repair, and then repair.

  27. After the repair is complete, click to exit; Home of external xiaomi data recovery without usb debugging drive

  28. Choose to restart the computer, wait until the screen is black and unplug the external hard xp crash hard drive file recovery drive, then go to the BIOS, adjust the hard disk as the first startup item, then save and exit (the xps 13 9370 usb recovery size seventh and eighth steps above), and then the following screen appears, We choose Win7 system;

   xps 13 recovery drive usb creation 29. Next, it will be automatically installed, after installing win7, we can enter the Win7 system; yodot hard drive recovery activation key then we will install the driver and OK; (If the splash screen of step 28 is missing, we will re-execute yodot hard drive recovery for ssd 25 Just go to step 27); Double system can be done, in fact, this method can install three systems, yodot hard drive recovery free download we can install another Win8 system.

  The above is the detailed steps to install WinXP and Win7 yodot hard drive recovery full version dual system through external hard drive. Here I need to remind everyone of the principle of "old version youtube data recovery hard drive to new version". First install WindowsXP system, then install Windows7 system to avoid Windows7 youtube windows 10 create recovery usb boot manager being overwritten.

  external hard drive to install WinXP and Win7 dual system: