How to use u boot external hard drive to install Win11 system on Lenovo Thinkpad a485 notebook[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-25 21:10

  Lenovo Thinkpad a485 notebook is a business office notebook that was launched in 2018. This computer os recovery tool for usb free download uses AMD Ryzen 5 series processors and enthusiast-grade core graphics cards, which can meet the os x 10.11 recovery drive on external needs of users for daily office use, so how to use Lenovo Thinkpad a485 notebook u Start external hard os x internet recovery new hard drive drive boot disk to install win8 system?Today, I will share with you the operation steps of Lenovo os x recovery disk assistant usb windows Thinkpad A485 notebook using u boot external hard drive boot disk to install the system.

  1. Download osx 10 11 recovery drive on external u boot external hard drive boot disk creation tool

  2. Download the win8 system image and save osx recover data external hard drive free it to the boot disk of the external hard drive

  Operation steps of installing win8 system on external over wrote hard drive need to recover hard drive:

  1. Insert the prepared u boot external hard drive boot disk into the computer usb panasonic c54 toughbook windows 7 recovery usb port, set the boot options and press the shortcut key to enter the u boot main menu interface, select paragon backup and recovery 14 usb boot "[02] u start win8pe standard version (new machine)" and Press Enter, as shown in the figure:

  2. paragon backup and recovery clone hard drive In the u start pe installation tool, install the win8 system image in the c drive and click the OK paragon hdm 15 bootable recovery media usb button, as shown in the figure:

  3. The pop-up program will execute the restore operation window, check paragon recover files from external hard drive the "Restart after completion" check box, and click OK, as shown in the figure:

  4. The next step partition recovery after microsoft installation usb install is the process of program restoration. After the restoration is complete, the computer will restart partition recovery after microsoft usb recovery drive again and execute the program installation process.As shown in the figure:

  5. After the installation passport wd external hard drive data recovery is over, you can formally enter the win8 system desktop and enjoy the win8 system.As shown in password protected hard drive photo recovery free the figure:

  For the Lenovo Thinkpad a485 notebook using the u boot external hard drive boot disk to password recovery for windows 7 usb drive install the win8 system operation steps are introduced here in detail for the friends, if users do password recovery from remote connected hard drive not know enough about using u to boot the external hard drive boot disk to install the system, you password recovery tool that works off usb can follow the above method Steps to install, I hope this tutorial will be helpful to everyone. For pc 3000 recover formatted mac hard drive more exciting tutorials, please follow u to start the official website.