windows 11 VHD auxiliary processing tool graphics and text tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

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  Based on my understanding, I try to explain some basic concepts of VHD in plain language, hoping recovering evidence from the usb write cache to help novices understand VHD.For a more scientific and rigorous explanation, please use search engines recovering external hard drive with linux mint to understand.

  VHD, or Virtual Hard Disk, first of all, it is a file, you can create, copy, recovering files from a dead external harddrive delete.Secondly, it has the nature of a hard disk, you can partition it, format it, and install the recovering files from a failing hard drive system into it.

  What are the characteristics of Windows 7 VHD?

  The VHD referred to here not only recovering files from a laptop hard drive has the characteristics of a virtual hard disk used in a general virtual machine, that is, it is a recovering files from a portable hard drive file, but also has the nature of a hard disk.But it is different from the virtual hard disk of a general recovering files from an old hard drive virtual machine.

  Normal virtual hard disk, you need to install and run the virtual machine under recovering files from crashed hard drive mac windows or other system platforms before you can start and use the system in the virtual hard recovering files from crashed mac hard drive disk.And Windows 7 supports native boot VHD.

  What does that mean?

  That is, you don't need to install recovering files from dead external hard drive any system and virtual machine on the hard disk, you can directly start the system in the VHD through recovering files from dead hard drive mac the boot file of Windows 7.In other words, you put a VHD with Windwos 7 installed on a new hard recovering files from dead usb hard drive disk (of course it needs to be partitioned and have an active primary partition), then update the boot recovering files from external hard drive free information of the active primary partition, start the machine, and you can directly enter the VHD recovering files from failed mac hard drive Windows up.

  It is precisely because the VHD of windows 7 is not only a file but also supports recovering files from hard drive that won' native startup, it has a great advantage.

  To give full play to the advantages of VHD, you have to use recovering files from mac external hard drive differential disks (also called differential VHD, or sub-VHD).

  Differential VHD is built on the recovering files from macbook pro hard drive basis of a certain VHD (this VHD is the master disk). Modifications to the differential VHD will not recovering files from old windows hard drive affect the master disk.When the master disk system reaches an ideal state, we can create a differential recovering files off a bad hard drive VHD and use this differential VHD in the future .When the differential VHD system becomes unstable recovering files off a mac hard drive after a long time, we only need to delete the differential VHD and rebuild a new differential VHD recovering files off an external toshiba drive with the original master disk, and the system will return to the ideal state.Therefore, the VHD of recovering files on an external hard drive windows 7 has the characteristics of restore card, time machine, etc.

  We can create a differential recovering from hard drive failure in vist a VHD with different VHDs as the master disk according to our needs. Differential disks can also be recovering hard drive data laptop beeping noise created in multiple stages, that is, use a differential disk as the master disk and then create a recovering hard drive data with broken arm differential disk.

  We can copy a backup when creating a differential VHD, which can replace the recovering hard drive do not have permission differential disk with the backed-up differential disk at any time to achieve fast restoration, also known recovering hard drive info from dead laptop as second restoration, because this restoration process can be completed in 1-2 seconds.

  This recovering hard drive that doesnt show up feature is unmatched by backup software like ghost.

  In short, the VHD of Windows 7 is both a virtual recovering hard drive with data requesting initialization machine and not a general virtual machine, because it uses the real hardware environment, except for recovering information from a broken hard drive the hard disk.

  Take the creation of a VHD in a bare metal and install the original Win7 iso into recovering information from a crashed hard drive the VHD as an example to record the whole process.

  Download the full video of the bare metal recovering lost files from hard drive free installation and operation demonstration.rar


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