external hard drive Downloader Xpexe BoBoTurboexe logogogoexe killing method[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-25 20:00

  This is a very popular Trojan downloader virus recently. It is a variant of the previous logogo passport external hard drive shows recovery virus, but the recent new variant is very raging.The virus mainly has the following destructive password protected hard drive photo recovery effects

  1.Spread through mobile storage such as external hard drive

  2.Create IFEO project to hijack password recovery programs usb windows 10 anti-virus software

  3.Infected exe file (the end of the infected file is added with a file named.ani's password recovery softwares for usb drives festival.After the infected file runs, it will release a file named ani.ani's temporary files and password recovery tool usb windows 7 run)

  5.Send the infected person's name, operating system, MAC address and other information to the password recovery usb for windows 10 specified website

  Xdelbox: under the original software folder inside

  First restart the computer password recovery usb windows 7 free and enter the safe mode (after turning on the computer, keep pressing the F8 key and then an password recovery windows 7 usb boot advanced menu will come out to select the first safe mode to enter the system)

  Decompress Xdelbox and password recovery windows 8 1 usb sreng separately

  (Note: If winrar is also infected, please reinstall winrar and then unzip the file, password recovery windows 8 usb free it is recommended to reinstall winrar)

  Start the project registry to delete the following password recovery windows 8 usb iso items


  <%systemroot%\system\logogogo.exe> password recovery windows xp usb boot []

  or it could be<%systemroot%\system\BoBoTurbo.exe>

  And delete all password recovery won't boot with usb the red IFEO projects external hard drive Home

  2.Unzip all files of Xdelbox to a folder

  Enter path for windows 10 recovery usb separately in the box next to add (the actual situation may not be the same as this, because the Trojan pc hard drive data recovery software may change at any pc hard drive file recovery software time)






  C: pc hard drive recovery hamilton nj \WINDOWS\system32\rsztlpm.dll



   pc hard drive recovery software free C:\WINDOWS\system32\ratblpi.dll



pc hard drive recovery sylvania ohio   C:\WINDOWS\system32\wsjrfzx.dll





  C:\WINDOWS\system32\wszjbzx. pc magazine hard drive recovery software dll



  %systemroot%\system\logogogo.exe pc won boot windows recovery usb pc won't boot from usb recovery or %systemroot%\system\BoBoTurbo.exe

  (Compare the related items of pc won't boot windows recovery usb HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellExecuteHooks in the sreng log) external hard drive Home

  pc world external hard drive recovery  After entering a file, click the add button next to the file to be added will appear in the large perform windows recovery on hard drive box below

  Then right-click and click restart to delete the external hard drive Home immediately

  After philips usb flash drive repair software that, he will automatically restart into normal mode

  3.After restarting the computer

  Double-click phison ps2251 07 usb recovery tool My Computer, Tools, Folder Options, view, click to select "Show hidden files or folders" and phison ps2251 07 usb recovery tools clear the check mark in front of "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)".When prompted phoenix bios crisis recovery disk usb to confirm the change, click "Yes" and then OK

  Click the folder button at the bottom of the menu phoenix bios crisis recovery program usb bar (search the button on the right)

  In the Explorer on the left, click to open the home of each phoenix bios crisis recovery usb stick external drive

  external hard drive Downloader Xp.exe BoBoTurbo.: