How to prevent others from copying external hard drive data [Win11 Solutions]

35 2021-08-25 19:20

  I believe that everyone knows that the current external hard drive is an indispensable storage windows 10 install a recovery usb device for office workers. Because of its small size and easy portability, it can store some files that windows 10 installation usb vs recovery need to be used in daily work. With its existence, it can be realized where there is a computer. Can windows 10 iso recovery usb size be used in office.But with the popularity of external drives, others can easily use the external windows 10 key recovery old harddrive drive to copy important data in your computer, so how can we prevent others from copying important windows 10 make a recovery usb data in the computer.I will teach you a way to prevent this phenomenon from happening today.

  First, windows 10 make recovery usb requirement turn on the computer, create a new text document on the computer disk, and then enter the code as windows 10 making recovery usb drive shown below

  reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies /v WriteProtect /t windows 10 not recovering fail usb REG_DWORD /d

  After inputting, click the "File" → "Save As" option in the upper left corner once, windows 10 not recovering failed usb and name it as a suffix in the pop-up window that follows.bat file, save the type as all files, and windows 10 not recovering from usb finally click the "save" button; as shown in the figure below:

  Next, double-click to run the executable windows 10 os recovery 64bit usb file that we just made. After opening, you can see the window as shown in the figure below, windows 10 password recovery boot usb indicating that our settings have been completed. Now we will not be able to copy the file to the external windows 10 password recovery bootable usb drive after inserting the external drive into the computer.If you need to restore the writing windows 10 password recovery tool usb function of the external drive, you only need to recreate the above executable file and change the value windows 10 password recovery tools usb in the code to .

  How to prevent others from copying important data in the computer using mobile windows 10 password recovery usb boot devices such as external drives.If there are important information or files on your computer, I hope windows 10 password recovery usb bootable that the above methods can protect your privacy. external hard drive Home

  How to prevent others windows 10 password recovery usb free from copying external hard drive data?: