How to do when the External external hard drive prompts formatting to recover data tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

34 2021-08-25 19:10

  Due to our improper use of mobile hard disks, failures often occur. The most common one is that the software to recover data from hard drive free mobile hard disk was fine before, and suddenly one day it prompts that it needs to be formatted, software to recover data from old hard drive but there are a lot of data in it.?How to do it?When encountering this kind of problem, don't click software to recover data from portable hard drive on formatting, and don't worry, so as to retrieve your data. The specific method is as follows. In software to recover data from raw hard drive fact, it can be solved very simply.

  The prompt is like the above picture, and when my computer is software to recover deleted files from hard drive turned on, the mobile hard disk does not display the capacity bar, as shown in the following picture:

software to recover deleted files from usb drive   Open My Computer, right-click the drive letter of the mobile hard disk, and then select "Properties", software to recover files from bad hard drive select the "Tools" button in the pop-up window, and then select the Start Check button. Note that software to recover files from corrupted hard drive "Automatically repair file system errors" and "Scan And try to recover bad sectors" tick, and then software to recover files from damaged hard drive click start.

  Then just follow the prompts to repair it, it doesn't take much time, it will be software to recover files from dead hard drive repaired soon.

  After the repair is complete, go to my computer and look at the drive letter of the software to recover files from external hard drive mobile hard disk and there will be a capacity bar. Open it to see if your data is still there.

  Solution software to recover files from formatted hard drive 2: Use EasyRecovery to recover data

  If the above is not repaired successfully, or you click software to recover files from laptop hard drive format, then you need to use data recovery software, of course the famous EasyRecovery is recommended, software to recover lost data from hard drive you can find the free version, if you don't find it, you can use the Finaldata cracked version 4.1. software to recover lost files from usb drive 29 instead.

  After opening the first step: select the media type: storage device.

  Step 2: Select software to recover lost files in hard drive the volume label that needs to be scanned: removable disk, which is your mobile hard disk, and be software to retrieve deleted files from hard drive careful not to select the hard disk.

  Step 3: Choose recovery scenario: The most common ones include solid state hard drive repair and data recovery recovering deleted files and recovering formatted media.Here we choose to restore the formatted sony recover auto deleted media from external drive media.

  Step 4: Check your options: Check whether the previous options are correct, confirm that they sony usb flash drive recovery tool free download are correct and click Continue.

  Step 5: Save the file: Wait for a while to complete the restoration.Remember sony vaio windows 10 usb recovery drive torrent that the file can't be restored directly to the partition where the original file is located, sound file recovery software for usb flash drive so as not to overwrite the file and affect the recovery success rate.

  Summary: When encountering sp usb flash drive recovery software free download a mobile hard drive prompt to format, do not click, so that the system's own tools can be used to special hardware to recover data failed hard drive solve the problem. If you encounter a problem, first Baidu, and then operate by yourself. You can start in recovery mode ps3 new hard drive also search for the answer on the mass production network first. Give a better solution.