How to use external hard drive to make cdrom to install NAS4Free system graphic tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

33 2021-08-25 18:30

  Go to the official website to download the ready NAS4Free LiveCD file, choose i386 or amd64 according create a windows 10 usb recovery drive to your memory size.64-bit version is recommended.

  For those who need to install the system to create a windows 7 password recovery usb a CF card or external hard drive, you can download the IMG file directly, and then use the IMG writing create a windows 7 recovery disk usb software to write to the external hard drive or CF card. It is recommended that you use the create a windows 7 recovery usb drive physdiskwrite software to write to the disk.

  Or engraved disk, of course, a better method than engraved create a windows 7 usb recovery drive disk is to mass-produce external hard drive.

  Then we start with the mass-produced external drive create a windows 8 1 recovery usb at the very beginning.

  After the external drive is ready, use the ChipGenius chip detection tool create a windows recovery disk on usb to detect the chip of your external drive and the main control used by the external drive;

  The create a windows recovery usb flash disk picture below is my external drive chip:

  After detecting the chip used by the external drive, you can create a windows recovery usb on mac download the mass production tool corresponding to the master control from websites such as the create a windows recovery usb windows 7 external drive mass production network for mass production; for example, my external drive is controlled create an hp bios recovery usb flash by Huirong in the picture above, go to the external drive Search for the latest version of SM3257ENAA create bootable usb acronis backup recovery 10 in the mass production website and mass produce the downloaded iso image to a external hard drive create bootable usb acronis backup recovery 11.5 as a cdrom boot disk.

  The methods of mass production of external hard drives of different brands create bootable usb drive for disk recovery are different. To avoid misleading, I won't go into details here. The online mass production tutorials create bootable usb from dell recovery partition are also very detailed.

  After the mass production is completed, unplug the U and plug it back create bootable usb from hp recovery disk in. You will find that the original USB removable disk has become a CD-ROM as follows:

  At this create bootable usb from recovery partition mac point, the external drive has been mass-produced, you only need to insert the external drive into your create bootable usb recovery windows 8 1 DIY USB port, set the boot from the BIOS, the first priority is to boot to USB-CDROM.

  Ok, after the create bootable usb windows 7 recovery disk mass production of the external hard drive, let's install NAS4FREE. For the convenience of taking create bootable usb windows xp recovery console screenshots, we will use a virtual machine instead. The installation method and steps on the physical create chrome recovery for usb on windoiws machine are the same.

  First, I create a new virtual machine. The virtual machine itself can be create custom recovery partition windows 10 usb installed directly using the ISO file, but we need to install the physical machine with a external create hp bios recovery usb flash drive hard drive, so when I create it, I directly use the CD-ROM produced by the external hard drive as the create install usb yosemite on recovery partition CDROM of the virtual machine.

  This interface appears after startup:

  Do nothing, wait, and then create mac os recovery usb on windows the CD will start by itself:

  If you just want to experience NAS4FREE, you can experience it here, create mac os x lion recovery usb the default IP address is use the browser to enter.

  No need to install, if you create mac recovery hd on usb mojave need to install NAS4FREE, just choose 9, press enter,

  Then the following interface will appear:

  You create ni linux rt recovery usb drive can choose your installation mode according to different situations,

  Option 1 is to install the create os x el capitan recovery usb system into CF or USB,

  Option 2 is to install to the hard disk flash or USB and install the SWAP create os x recovery usb on windows partition,

  Option 3 is to completely install the entire NAS4FREE to your hard drive.And create SWAP create password recovery usb windows 8 1 partition.If we are installing to a complete physical machine, we will choose 3, complete installation. create recovery disc on external hard drive Note that the system disk of the NAS4FREE installation system will completely occupy the entire create recovery disk from recovery partition usb hard disk instead of occupying the partition. No matter how large your hard disk is, install

  NAS4FREE create recovery disk windows 8 1 usb must have two or more hard disks, and can also be installed with electronic disks, external create recovery media on external hard drive hard drive CF cards, etc.!

  After completing the above steps, continue to wait, if it's normal.The create recovery partition on external hard drive installation will be completed within 10 minutes.

  Restart the machine after the installation is create recovery usb flash drive option missing complete!Remove your Live-CD

  ----------split line------

  If everything is ok.The following interface create recovery usb flash drive windows 7 will appear, congratulations, the system installation is complete

  If your network is 192.168.1.For create recovery usb for mac on windows X, you can now directly use the browser to enter the WEB management interface such as NAS4FREE, if create recovery usb for surface pro 4 not, you can choose 2 to set the IP address you want and then enter!

  I just need to set it up, and create recovery usb for windows 10 tablet that's it after setting it up!Used Open WEBGUI

  Enter the default user name: admin create recovery usb from different windows system Password: nas4free after entering:

  Choose system-general

  Modify the system language to Chinese create recovery usb from iso on mac here-click save and the system will become the familiar Chinese

  At this point, the NAS4FREE system create recovery usb mac os x 10.8 is installed and set up!