How to use tools to encrypt External external hard drives multiple encryption methods[Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-25 18:20

  Mobile hard disks have much larger storage space than external hard drives, so many of them are mac hard drive photo recovery on windows used by many professionals to store data, but many friends store data with strong privacy, such as safe mac hard drive recovery external quick drill courseware, important data, etc. , Do not want to be stolen by others?In this case, we need to use mac hard drive recovery software for pc the mobile hard disk encryption that we introduced to you today.There are many encryption methods, mac hard drive recovery software for windows including simple folder hiding methods, and you can also use professional encryption software to mac os 10.5.8 recovery disc in usb encrypt important file data on mobile hard drives.

  Mobile hard disk encryption skills

  Mobile hard mac os external hard drive data recovery disk encryption method one: hidden file method

  Many times we do not want others to see our important mac os lion recovery usb windows 10 business data files or private files when they borrow or use our mobile hard disk. The easiest way mac os recover partition on usb drive is to hide the files so that others can't see those files when they enter the mobile hard disk.

  Using mac os recovery on external hard drive the file hiding method to achieve file encryption security is not high, because if you encounter mac os sierra recovery usb on catalin a a computer expert or a competitor, you can easily restore the file display through some tricks, so mac os x 10 9 recovery usb it is suitable for general encryption, or friends around you I don't know much about computers, so mac os x boot from usb recovery it's safe.

  Mobile hard disk encryption method 2: Use professional encryption software to realize mac os x hard drive data recovery mobile hard disk encryption

  "external hard drive Super Encryption" is a mobile device encryption mac os x hard drive recovery software software that can encrypt flash memory, mobile hard drives, card readers and even mobile phone memory mac os x lion recovery disk usb cards.After the mobile device is encrypted, it can be used on any machine. If it is not decrypted, mac os x lion recovery usb download no one can see and use the data in the mobile device.Before use, it is strongly recommended to use the mac os x lion recovery usb drive encryption function in the FAT32 format to obtain better encryption strength, but by default, most mac os x recover data hard drive mobile hard drives adopt the NTFS format, and the partition format conversion is required.First mac os x recover formatted hard drive connect the mobile hard disk to the computer, make sure that the power supply is normal, back up the mac os x recovery new hard drive data in the mobile hard disk to the computer hard disk, and then format the mobile hard disk with FAT3 mac os x recovery usb on windows 2. After formatting, copy the data to the mobile hard disk again.

  After downloading the "external mac os x windows 10 recovery usb hard drive Super Encryption" software, unzip it, and transfer the file directory to "UDE."EXE" file mac recover boot camp hard drive space is placed in the root directory of the mobile hard disk, never put it in the folder of the mobile mac recover data from damaged hard drive hard disk, otherwise the encryption function can't be used.It must be noted that in order for the mac recover data from formatted hard drive encryption function to be effective, the mobile hard disk only allows one partition to exist. If your mac recovery files to install from usb mobile hard disk has multiple partitions, the system will treat the mobile hard disk as multiple "local mac recovery hard drive not showing up disks" instead of displaying as "removable" Disk" device, for this, it is recommended to use mac recovery mode copy files to usb "PartionMagic" partition software to merge partitions under Windows system.

  Directly execute "UDE.EXE" mac safe mode to recover external drive program, a login interface will pop up at this time, enter the default password in the input box (the mac software to create bootable recovery usb default password is ), and then click the "OK" button, and log in to the software decryption interface macbook air 10 6 recovery usb drive at this time.For security considerations, it is recommended to change the encryption password. macbook air internet recovery no hard drive If you want to encrypt the entire mobile hard drive, just click "Encryption".If you only want to macbook air usb boot internet recovery solution encrypt some private files, you can select the folder that needs to be encrypted, and then click the macbook live usb recovery from windows 10 "Single Encryption" icon, the encrypted folder will be displayed in the right window.After the encryption macbook pro boot recover locked hard drive is completed, the mobile hard disk will only display "UDE.EXE" icon, other files are hidden. To macbook pro hard drive crash data recovery use an encrypted mobile hard drive, you must double-click the icon and enter the encryption password, macbook pro hard drive failure data recovery otherwise you will not be able to view and use the data.

  Another easy-to-use mobile hard disk macbook pro internet recovery new hard drive encryption software: 360 secret disk, also very easy to use, it is recommended that friends who are macbook pro new hard drive internet recovery interested may wish to use it.The 360 Secret Disk is an encrypted disk area created on your computer. macos crashed hard drive data recovery software You can store the private files (photos, videos, financial information files, etc.) that need to be made usb recovery now need it signed protected in the 360 Secret Disk.All files stored in the 360 secret disk are encrypted using a high- make a bootable windows 7 recovery usb strength encryption algorithm, and can only be decrypted and used after you log in with your account make a mac os x recovery usb and password.