SF2281 master solid state drive new product SanDisk Extreme SSD[Win11 Solutions]

34 2021-08-25 18:10

  We have seen many products using SF2281 before, but this time it's SanDisk with its own particles. how to recovery usb flash drive photos Let's take a look at the PCB design first.

  Generally speaking, it is no different from the previous how to recovery windows 10 from usb product. The wiring is neat and the particles are in-house. The picture is a 32GB single (24nm how to recovery windows 10 with usb MLC, Toggle DDR, SanDisk and TOSHIBA technologies have cross-licensing), composed of 256GB, nominal 24 how to reformat usb to recover missing 0GB, warranty period 3 years.

  The following test is quoted from storagereview

  From the figure, how to reinstall windows from usb recovery the large file transfer performance of this SSD is above the same capacity OCZ VERTEX 3 MAX IOPS, and how to reinstall windows using recovery usb the 24nm performance is better than 32nm Toggle DDR? Is it a bit similar to Plextor M3P and M2P.

   how to repair windows 10 recovery usb Take a closer look, and Intel 520 (SandForce 2281 + ME2 25nm ONFI 2.2Synchronous particles) The results how to reset pc with recovery usb are similar, but the P/E of 520 particles is better than 5000 times.

  The performance of small how to restore with recovery usb backup file transfer is overall leading, and it seems to be the fastest model in the current SF2281.(It is how to retrieve deleted files from usb inseparable from some technologies of the new process particles, I will introduce them in detail in how to retrieve deleted files on hardrive the following article)

  Compared with other OEM manufacturers, the advantages of the product are:

  how to retrieve files from a usb  1.Own pellets, there should be no problems with the materials.(There is no chaotic particle model)

how to retrieve files from broken usb   2.The new particles look a little better in performance.(TOSHIBA 24nm DDR MLC is very close)

  The how to retrieve files from corrupted usb disadvantages are:

  1.The maturity of firmware supporting new particles should not be as high as how to retrieve files from damaged usb that of old ones. A transition period is needed to improve efficiency, such as performance and how to retrieve files from hard drive compatibility under mixed processing.

  If you want to ask whether the value of this disk is worth buying, how to retrieve files from usb cmd then first ask yourself if you can accept the following points:

  1. Warranty: SanDisk's 3-year how to retrieve files from usb drive warranty is compared to the 5-year warranty of Intel's 520. Is the purchase channel warranty reliable.

how to retrieve files from usb fat32   2. Price: How does the SanDisk price compare to Kingston's HyperX or Intel 520.

  3. Heart shadow: how to retrieve files in usb attrib If you don't have a shadow on the SF2281 master, there is no problem. ^_^