The easiest external hard drive to make Apple Mountain Lion boot disk[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-25 17:50

  The official download of Apple's latest operating system, OS X 10, is open to developers.8 Mountain how to use msi recovery usb Lion.Although there are rumors that Apple will no longer provide Mountain Lion installation external how to use pc recovery usb hard drive, but it has proved that it still supports USB boot, let's take a look at the practice how to use recovery usb lenovo of boot disk.

  Apple is rumored to no longer provide Mountain Lion external drives

  To make the how to use recovery usb stick installation disk, the first step is naturally to prepare the installation files.If it is downloaded how to use system recovery usb from the APP STORE, it can be directly placed in the /Applications/ directory folder of the system.If how to use toshiba recovery usb it is in DMG format, you need to open it under the Apple system, and then copy the installation file how to use usb recover partition to the Application folder.

  The second step, go to the /Applications/ directory, in the "Install how to use usb recovery drive Mac OS X Mountain Lion.Right-click on "app", select "Show folder contents", open the "Contents" how to use usb recovery in directory, then open the "SharedSupport" directory, and find the "InstallESD.dmg" file.Double click how to use windows recovery usb InstallESD.dmg, will be loaded on the system desktop.

  Disk tool will be used again, call it up in the how to view recovery hard drive utility

  Restore installation files to external hard drive

  Plug in the external hard drive and how to windows 10 recovery usb open the disk tool, you can see the system hard disk and the external hard drive used as a boot disk how to windows 7 recovery usb on the left.SanDisk 16G is chosen here, it must be erased first.

  Select the external hard drive on how to windows 8 recovery usb the left, select the Mac OS extended log format in the options on the right, name it as you like, how old hard drive click Erase.

  Erase the external drive with a specific format

  The remaining work is to "restore" the hp 280 g1 bios recovery usb installation program to the external hard drive, still using the disk tool.Click the "Restore" hp 290 a0030 recovery usb factory button on the right side of Disk Utility, drag the installer (Mac OS Install ESD, visible on the left) hp bios crisis recovery usb method that was loaded on the desktop to the source, drag the external drive to the target location, and hp bios recovery flash drive usb click Restore.

  OS X 10.8 Restore the installer to the external drive