How to make a external hard drive version of BT3 bt3 decryption tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

51 2021-08-25 17:00

  Preparation: a external drive above 1G

  1. Download the file of external hard drive version bt3

  laptop hard drive data recovery usb  2. Load this ISO file into the virtual CD-ROM drive, in the virtual CD-ROM drive, get the following laptop hard drive failure data recovery files

  3. Copy the files in the virtual CD-ROM drive (BT3 and BOOT) to the external hard drive

  4 laptop hard drive not working recover . Enter command line mode (winkey+R→cmd)

  Enter the drive letter of the external hard drive, mine laptop hard drive recovery different computer is I:, and then press Enter

  Type cd boot and press enter

  Enter bootinst.bat Enter

  Then start to laptop hard drive recovery near me make BT3, and this screen will appear at the beginning, which probably means that this operation laptop hard drive recovery software free will overwrite the MBR (ie boot area) of the external drive.

  If this partition is a partition on one laptop sata hard drive data recovery of your hard disks, then your Windows system will not start, please be careful, press the X key to laptop won't boot from recovery usb abort the operation, press

  Any other key to continue; we are operating on the external drive, so las vegas hard drive data recovery don't worry about it, just press any key.

  The above picture is the prompt after the production is las vegas shooter hard drive recovery completed, the boot record is set successfully, press any key to exit the production, and it will be lasoft recover my password usb boot OK at this point, and the external hard drive can boot the system into bt3

  Crack the wireless network launch windows recovery from usb drive with BT3

  1. After entering the bt3 desktop, enter the command line state, enter the command: lazesoft recover my password usb boot ifconfig -a

  The picture above is the information you see after pressing Enter. Note that the blue lazesoft recovery suite 4.2 usb bootable circle in the picture shows the MAC code of your network card. Mine is at the end of 16-E6. You can lazesoft recovery suite damaged hard drive see that it supports my network card.

  The internal network card is eth0, eth1, eth2. Such ID

  The lazesoft recovery suite usb boot download USB network card is rausb0, rausb1, rausb2. Such ID

  Next, we will use eth1, my internal network least expensive hard drive recovery software card to capture packets

  2. Open another command window, enter the command: airodump-ng -w 123 eth1 lenovo 2 in 1 recovery usb and press Enter

  The command format is: airodump-ng -w 123 <网卡id>

  Enter the command and press Enter lenovo 450s cant recover from usb to see the following information:

  Explain a few names

  BSSID: The MAC address of the scanned lenovo create recovery media usb drive wireless router, which is needed when the address is cracked

  PWR: The signal strength of the wireless lenovo create recovery usb windows 10 router

  Beacons: the number of packets sent to this route

  #Data: The number of data packets lenovo create recovery usb windows 7 captured by the network card

  CH: The channel where the wireless router is located

  ENC and CIPHER, lenovo create recovery usb windows 8 this is the encryption method of wireless routing

  ESSID: The name of the SSID of the wireless lenovo data recovery without usb debugging router

  To crack, it must be ENC: wep, CIPHER: wep YEROC as shown above

  [As for wpa encryption, since lenovo external hard disk data recovery you can't capture enough data packets, I don't know if it can be cracked. If you are interested, you lenovo factory recovery usb key download can try it yourself]

  Now we have to check that the value of the #Data column of the wireless router lenovo h515 desktop recovery usb download changes faster, and there are more data packets, so that we can crack

  3.Start cracking, and then lenovo ideapad 100s 14ibr recovery usb open a command line mode

  Run: spoonwep and press enter

  Victim MAC: In this column, enter the lenovo ideapad 100s bitlocker recovery usb MAC code of the wireless router we want to crack, that is, the MAC code of the wireless router to lenovo ideapad 320 usb recovery disk crack

  Net Card: the id of your own wireless network card, such as mine is eth1

  Channel: Select the lenovo ideapad recovery usb not working channel where the wireless router to be cracked is located

  Launch: Select the second item 0841 lenovo laptop data recovery hard drive REPLAY ATTACK in the drop down and click the Launch button to start cracking

  After starting to crack, lenovo laptop windows 10 recovery usb you need to catch 60,000 to 100,000 data packets to crack. At this time, because it is running, you lenovo onekey recovery external hard drive can't see the changes in data packets.You can enter airodump-ng -w 123 eth1 on the command line and lenovo onekey recovery new hard drive press Enter

  You will see the #Data packets are constantly changing. You can observe the speed of lenovo onekey recovery windows 10 usb the number of packets and you can estimate how long it will take to crack.