How to fix the external hard drive cannot be opened and it prompts Remove disks or other media [Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-25 16:10

  What should I do if the external hard drive can't be opened and it prompts Remove disks or other how to get windows 10 recovery usb media. external hard drive Home

  When we encounter this situation, we have to go to the Internet to how to hard boot to recovery drive collect more tutorials for repair. You can check out my external drive home

  We use shortcut keys how to install dell recovery from usb to find the selection screen, usually the external hard drive is in the first item, we select the first how to install dell recovery usb drive item

  Prompt that there is no boot disk, is the external hard drive not recognized?

  We choose how to install windows from recovery usb the second external drive home

  The external drive was found, but it's not in the usual place.

   how to load usb recovery windows vist aWe enter the BIOS, select the second external drive home

  Choose the second item and press Enter

   how to make a bios recovery usb As we just saw, the external drive is hidden inside the external drive home

  We exit to choose item how to make a bootable recovery usb 4

  , Select the second on-board device

  Find the last item, external hard drive Device

  Change how to make a chrome recovery usb external hard drive Mode to HDD Mode

  external hard drive home as shown in the picture

  Reopen the how to make a chromebook recovery usb BIOS and select the second item

  external hard drive was transferred to the home of external hard how to make a dell recovery usb drive

  Use the shortcut key to find the selection screen when you turn on the computer again, select how to make a imac recovery usb the first item, and the external hard drive will be in it

  Restart the computer, the computer how to make a mac recover usb will automatically switch to the external drive startup screen, and the "Remove disks or other media" how to make a mac recovery usb prompt will no longer appear

  The tutorial is shared here for everyone, I hope it will be helpful how to make a macos recovery usb to everyone. USB home

  The external hard drive can't be opened, and the prompt Remove disks or: