How to set up USB boot on Gigabyte motherboard[Win11 Solutions]

36 2021-08-25 16:00

  How to set up USB boot on Gigabyte motherboard

  This motherboard is still rarely set up with software to recover data from formatted external hard disk external drive, but I still share it with you. If you need it, try it.

  Turn on the computer, enter the software to recover deleted files from external hard drive logo screen, press F12 to enter the quick boot menu external hard drive Home

  A quick boot menu software to recover deleted files from formatted hard drive window will pop up with several options. If the external drive has been plugged in, the name of the software to recover deleted files from hard disk drive external drive will appear here. Select the name of the external drive and press Enter to start the software to recover files from corrupted external hard drive external drive.

  Boot to the logo screen, then select the Del button, this button is usually on the software to recover files from damaged external hard drive lower right side of the keyboard, press it to enter the main BIOS setup interface. USB home

  There software to recover files from formatted external hard drive is a button in the upper right corner of the main interface, the English is "Language", click on it software to recover items from a damaged hard drive to open a window, select "Simplified Chinese" inside, the main interface becomes Chinese.

  Use the software to recover lost files from external hard drive left and right arrow keys to move to the "BIOS function" item to come to the external hard drive software to recover permanently deleted files from hard drive Home

  Select the top item "boot priority #1", and then press Enter, a window will pop up, where you can software to recover photos from hard drive on iphone see the name of the external drive, this is TOSH.At the beginning, some external hard drives are software to recover windows 10 password off hard drive king.,beginning. external hard drive Home

  If you want to boot from the CD, select the name of the solid state system usb mass production setting selection tool CD-ROM drive here, after selecting it, press Enter to confirm. external hard drive Home

  When you someone throwed my laptop can i recover the hardrive press the Enter key, exit the small window, and the external hard drive has been selected as the first sony vaio e series model sve 1712 recovery usb priority startup item.

  Go to the "Save and Exit" option on the main interface to set the save. stellar data recovery copy image to another hard drive There is a more direct way to save and exit quickly by directly pressing F10. These two functions are stellar phoenix mac data recovery cant find hard drive the same, in the pop-up Click "Yes" in the window, so that the UEFI setting boot method from external step by step use of data recover usb system hard drive or CD is completed.

  The tutorial is shared here for everyone.I hope to be helpful.

steps to recover data from a formatted hard drive   How to set up USB boot on GIGABYTE motherboard: