Manual and automatic setting tutorial for external hard drive antivirus[Win11 Solutions]

34 2021-08-25 15:50

  external hard drive is easy to carry, compact and durable, and it is the best device for us to store windows recovery not detecting recovery usb personal data and mobile use, but external hard drive is often poisoned, it will cause your data windows recovery not seeing usb drive to be lost or damaged, and how do we prevent external hard drive from being poisoned, first of all windows recovery options hard drive driver Develop good usage habits. Don't use external drives on public computers. Don't download some unknown windows recovery to another hard drive software to use. But many times we have to use external drives on public computers, such as school windows recovery tool usb windows 10 computer rooms, printing rooms, etc., so we can In fact, it is not difficult to achieve the maximum windows recovery tool usb windows 7 anti-virus of the external hard drive. Here is how to teach you:

  1. Manual immunization

  1. Click windows recovery tool windows 10 usb the start menu in the lower right corner of the desktop, click Run, a run window appears, enter the windows recovery usb drive not valid command gpedit.msc

  2. Click successively, Computer Configuration-Administrative Templates-All windows recovery usb drive windows 10 Settings, and then find the option to turn off autoplay on the right, double-click it.

  3. After windows recovery usb dvice to small double-clicking, a window to turn off autoplay will appear, we click Enabled, and in the turn off autoplay windows recovery usb for another computer option below, click to turn off autoplay: all drives and then click OK.

  4. After finishing the windows recovery usb from mac reddit above, click the start button again, click run, and enter your external hard drive drive letter in the windows recovery usb image encore 2 run window, such as i:, where "i" is the drive letter you want to achieve immunity, press your Fill windows recovery usb sioux falls sd in the letter of the USB drive, or it may be G drive or H drive, just enter the corresponding windows recovery usb windows 10 download letter;

  5. Then enter "md autorun.inf ", press Enter, and then enter "cd autorun.inf ", press Enter, windows recovery usb windows 7 download and then enter "md aa. "The "" here can't be omitted!

  At this point, the manual immunization is windows recovery usb windows 8 1 finished, and then you will find that there is an extra autorun in your external hard drive.inf folder, windows recovery usb windows 8 download there is also aa.Folders can't be opened or deleted. This is normal and the key to immunity.

  2. windows recovery with recovery usb drive Automatic immunization:

  If you think manual immunization is too much trouble, you can choose automatic windows rt 8.1 recovery usb download immunization, which requires the help of a very good external hard drive anti-virus software windows server 2003 password recovery usb USBKiller, download it, then plug in the external hard drive, open the software, and click the option windows server 2008 r2 recovery usb of external hard drive virus immunity ,As shown below.

  You can see that the prohibition of auto-run windows server 2012 r2 recovery usb function has been checked, and the operation is the same as the manual operation above, and then we windows surface pro 3 recovery usb check the immune disk, select mobile storage or manually specify the drive letter to select your windows system recovery usb windows 7 external hard drive letter, for example, choose h for the H drive, and select After that, click Start windows usb recovery startup repair fails Immunization to automatically immunize the virus. Isn't it very convenient, much faster than manual. windows vista admin password recovery usb

  Summary: After the external hard drive virus immunization is done, it can be immune to most of the windows vista home premium recovery usb external hard drive viruses that run automatically, but the viruses that are run manually are not windows vista password recovery tool usb immune. This should be noted, the unknown programs or disguised programs appearing in the external windows vista password recovery usb free hard drive We do not click to execute the program, otherwise it will also infect the computer. Although windows vista recovery boot from usb the external hard drive virus is not as many as before, it is better to be careful.