What exactly are the VID and PID of the external hard drive used for [Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-25 15:40

  When mass-produced external drives are often called VID PID can be changed, it feels like you can how recovery data from a hard drive broken change it at will, it will not affect the use of external drives, but what exactly is this id for.

  how should usb be configured for recovery tool  According to the provisions of the USB specification, all USB devices have a vendor ID (VID) and a how to access recovery partition on hard drive product identification code (PID), and the host distinguishes different devices through different how to activate usb boot recovery command prompt VIDs and PIDs.After connecting the external drive to the computer, you can see the ID number in the how to auto recover from external hard drive properties of the external drive in the device manager, as shown in the figure below:

  Both VID and how to backup hard drive in recovery mode PID are two bytes long. Among them, the supplier ID (VID) is applied by the supplier to the USB Executive how to backup to external using twrp recovery Forum. Each supplier's VID is unique, and the PID is determined by the supplier. Theoretically how to boot acronis recovery manager on usb speaking, it is different. It's better to use different PIDs for different products of the same how to boot dell from usb recovery medi a product, different models of the same product, and products of different designs of the same model in how to boot easy recovery essentials from usb order to distinguish different equipment from the same manufacturer.

  We understand that there are two how to boot frmo ati recovery usb drive storage methods for VID and PID under normal circumstances. The first is the VID and PID of the how to boot from a usb recovery drive master control manufacturer, which are stored in the bootcode of the master; the second is the VID and how to boot from recovery usb windows 10 PID of the equipment manufacturer. VID and PID are stored in the device firmware in a non-volatile how to boot from recovery usb windows 8.1 storage device (EEPROM or Flash) outside the main control.When the USB device is connected to the how to boot from windows 10 recovery usb host, if there is the VID and PID of the device manufacturer in the firmware, the VID and PID will be how to boot of usb from veeam recovery reported to the host, and the VID and PID of the master control manufacturer will be ignored.So in how to boot off recovery usb windows 10 theory, the VID of a USB storage device should be the VID of the device manufacturer, not the VID of how to boot recovery drive usb windows 10 the master manufacturer. The two VIDs should be different (except for the equipment produced by the how to boot recovery partition in hard drive master manufacturer).

  Since the repetition of VID and PID will not have a serious impact on the use how to boot to recovery usb windows 10 of the product, many USB device manufacturers (mostly copycat factories) do not apply for their own how to boot vista recovery disk from usb VID to the USB implementation forum for convenience, but still use the main control manufacturer. how to boot windows 10 from recovery usb VID or write VID and PID to the product at random; at the same time, regular manufacturers only need how to boot windows 10 from usb recovery to apply for VID, and PID is determined by the manufacturer. Therefore, there are products of the how to boot windows 8 from recovery usb same model, which may use different main control (commercial needs, normal), and Their PID is the how to boot windows recovery usb drive asus same.For the above reasons, it is impossible to accurately identify the main control model of a USB how to boot with usb recovery windows 10 device through VID and PID. The mass production network reminds everyone to pay attention to this problem how to build a windows 10 recovery usb in the process of using USB devices.