Kingston SD card cannot be read[Win11 Solutions]

39 2021-08-25 15:30

  As the world's largest memory manufacturer, Kingston has won the hearts of many Chinese consumers recover movies from formatted hard drive with its excellent product quality and first-class Kingston memory after-sales service since it entered recover mp4 files from hard drive the Chinese market.When most people buy memory products, the first thing they think of is recover music files from hard drive Kingston.Kingston memory card has such a large market share, so many people use Kingston memory card, so recover music from ipod hard drive what should you do if you encounter a situation where Kingston memory card can't be read during use?Let's recover my data from hard drive explore this issue below.

  First of all, we have to determine whether it is the Kingston memory recover my data from usb drive card problem.When the memory card can't be read, we might as well try a few more card readers, recover my deleted files from usb computers or mobile phones.If the problem is indeed the card after confirmation, then find a solution.

recover my external hard drive dat a  The easiest way: clean the gold finger of the memory card once, just like the dirt of the gold recover my external hard drive files finger of the memory stick on the computer, first wipe the above parts with a skin wipe, and then clean recover my files external hard disk it with white paper.Generally, the metal contact piece on the memory card may oxidize and produce recover my files formatted hard drive dirt after a long time.This will lead to poor contact and of course affect the reading of the memory recover my files from formatted usb card.

  If the above method does not work, try the following method, which is a little more recover my files from usb drive complicated:

  Method 1. Insert the memory card into the card reader, connect to the computer, start the recover my files from usb flash anti-virus software on the computer to perform a comprehensive scan and anti-virus; as long as the recover my files from usb free anti-virus software is upgraded to the latest virus database, the virus on the memory card can basically recover my files from usb online be removed, and it is generally not Will damage the photo file.

  Method 2: Use computer system tools recover my files from usb stick to repair possible file system errors (this operation will not delete any data on the storage recover my files unallocated hard drive card):

  1. Insert the memory card into the card reader and connect to the USB port on the computer;

   recover my files usb flash drive 2. Open the "Start"-"Control Panel"-"Administrative Tools"-"Computer Management"-"Disk Management" recover my files usb free download on the computer, and find "Removable Disk".

  3. Right-click the "removable disk", select recover my files usb hard drive "Properties"-"Tools"-"Error"-"Start Check", check "Automatically repair file system errors" and "Scan and scan" recover my hard drive free software in the pop-up window. After trying to recover bad sectors", press "Start".

  Method 3. If the above recover my passport external hard drive method is invalid, the memory card may be faulty. If the memory card is used in the mobile phone, recover my seagate harddrive san francisco please format it on the mobile phone.If it is used on a computer, please format the memory card on the recover mysql database from hard drive computer.-Prevent the format from being incompatible with the mobile phone after formatting on the recover nef files from hard drive computer, and it is still not usable on the mobile phone.

  1. Insert the memory card into the card recover office key from external drive reader and connect to the USB port on the computer;

  2. Open "Start"-"Control Panel"-"Administrative recover office key from hard drive Tools"-"Computer Management"-"Disk Management" on the computer, select "Removable Disk", right-click recover old apple hard drive molex on "Removable Disk", select "Format" (Select "FAT" and "Quick Format")

  3. Format on the phone, recover old files from hard drive usually select format in the phone settings.The memory card format supported by the mobile phone is recover os from bad hard drive usually "FAT" or "FAT32".Don't choose the wrong format when formatting.

  The above are some solutions recover os x from external drive when the Kingston memory card can't be read as summarized by the editor.There are so many ways, recover osx with external hard drive there is always one that suits you.Finally, let me remind you that searching for the Kingston external recover osx yosemite from usb drive hard drive Repair Tool on this site can also repair the unreadable problem of Kingston's SD card. recover outlook accounts from hard drive I hope everyone can repair it successfully.