The memory card s for hows that please insert the disk into the drive What should I do Effective solutions[Win11 Solutions]

59 2021-08-25 15:10

  Today, a friend came to me with his mobile phone memory card, which is a TF card, and said that he recover photos from damaged external drive could not read it. It was brought together with the memory card and the card reader, so I directly recover photos from damaged hard drive used his card reader to plug it into the computer. As a result, The computer found the G drive, but recover photos from dead hard drive it does not open after double-clicking it. It prompts please insert the drive into the drive. What recover photos from external hard drive is going on in this situation and how to solve it.(The software mentioned below can be downloaded for recover photos from formatted hard drive free by clicking on the name)

  Let me talk about why this prompt?

  This is because the card reader recover photos from hard drive bad did not read your memory card. If the system does not recognize the memory card but only the card recover photos from hard drive baf reader, there will be this prompt. Why can't you read the card? NS.

  First of all, you have to rule recover photos from hard drive crash out the problem of your own computer, that is to say, it is no problem to plug into other computers, recover photos from hard drive free then you can ignore the following, directly reinstall the system or whether the USB port hardware recover photos from hard drive mac is broken.If this exclusion can proceed to the next point.

  1. The card sleeve is broken.Regardless recover photos from imac hard drive of whether the memory card is a large card or a small card, in addition to the SD card used in the recover photos from iphone hard drive camera, it can be directly inserted into the notebook or used in the desktop with a card reader. recover photos from laptop hard drive Others such as TF cards, MINISD cards, etc., must have a transfer When receiving the card, some people recover photos from mac hard drive call it a card sleeve. If there is a problem with the card sleeve, such as the memory card can't be recover photos from macbook hard drive read, this will happen.

  2. There is a problem with the card reader, or it is loose, or the internal recover photos from my hard drive metal contacts are oxidized and the contact is poor, resulting in poor contact, or the card reader recover photos from unreadable hard drive itself is broken.If there is a problem, it is the same as the first one. If it is loose, plug it in recover photos from wiped hard drive again. Wipe the metal oxidized. If it breaks, replace it with a card reader, or directly use the recover pics from formated usb drive laptop's built-in SD card slot to read your memory card.

  Because if your card can be used normally recover pictures from bad hard drive on a mobile phone or camera (because I don't know where your card is used), then insert the card in recover pictures from broken hard drive the card reader several times, often not inserted in place, or slack will produce In this case, if it recover pictures from computer hard drive still does not work, then change the card reader, the card reader is damaged;

  Third, there is a recover pictures from damaged hard drive problem with the USB interface. Some USB ports are loose or have insufficient power supply, which can recover pictures from dead hard drive also cause this situation. Try another port.

  4. If you insert the memory card into the mobile phone recover pictures from external hard drive and connect it through the data cable, if the mobile phone can read the card and the computer recover pictures from formatted hard drive prompts you to insert the card, then it is likely that the data cable of the mobile phone is broken.

   recover pictures from hard drive crash Fifth, there is a problem with the memory card itself, this situation is a bit troublesome, but it recover pictures from hard drive format is also possible to try to rescue it, because there is a memory card repair tool;

  Sixth, before recover pictures from hard drive free repairing the memory card, what you have to consider is to restore the data in the memory card, because recover pictures from hard drive mac the data is the most important. Of course, you can skip this step directly if you don't have important recover pictures from laptop hard drive data. The most commonly used data recovery software is the easyrecovery cracked version. This recover pictures from mac hard drive software is guided and allows you to click the next step and so on. It is very simple to use. It turns recover pictures from macbook hard drive out that most data can be recovered. Of course, there are special SD card data recovery software, recover pictures from old hard drive such as SanDisk and Lexar. There are official free memory card data recovery software: RescuePRO and recover pictures from wiped hard drive Image Rescue, both of which are very professional and can be recovered. However, there is a prerequisite recover pictures from your hard drive that the memory card can be recognized by the computer, and the data can be recovered. No way, recover product key from hard drive go to the next step.

  7. Memory card repair. Generally, the free software SDFormatter produced by recover product keys from external drive Panasonic is commonly used, and there are other similar SD card repair tools. Mass production network recover product keys from hard drive has a dedicated memory card repair tool column that can give you a try one by one;

  8. If the memory recover programs after new hard drive card can't be repaired, the memory card is not much money, and the genuine memory card has an recover programs from old hard drive official warranty for several years. It is recommended to find the official warranty and change it back. recover ps4 account new hard drive If the warranty period expires, it will only I can lose it and buy a new one. In fact, the memory recover psd deleted files hard drive card is more likely to be damaged than the USB mobile hard disk. This is determined by nature, and recover pttx files from hard drive unlike the external drive that can be repaired in mass production, the chance of success is very high, recover ptx files from hard drive so even if it is It's normal to repair badly. The key is to develop a good habit of backing up the recover quickbooks data from hard drive data in the memory card.