The hardware maintenance method of no response after the external hard drive is inserted into the computer[Win11 Solutions]

38 2021-08-25 14:50

  1. There is no response when the external hard drive is inserted into the machine

  Repair ideas: recover files from inaccessible hard drive based on fault identification:

  (1) The power supply is divided into the power supply required by recover files from internal hard drive the main control and the power supply required by the FLASH. These two are the key, and the external recover files from kingston usb drive hard drive circuit is very complicated. If there is no power supply, the insurance inductance is recover files from laptop hard drive usually damaged or 3.3V voltage regulator block is damaged.You only need to find out where there is no recover files from linux hard drive power supply, and the results will be handled well.

  (2) Clock, because the main control must be recover files from locked hard drive able to perform tasks at a certain frequency, and the communication with FLASH also needs to stop the recover files from mac hard drive transmission of the clock signal, so if the clock signal is not available, the main control will recover files from mac usb drive definitely not work.In reviewing the time and division of this circuit, the clock generation circuit is recover files from macbook hard drive actually very complicated. You only need to review the crystal oscillator and its core circuit. recover files from mcafee encrypted usb Because the crystal oscillator is afraid of brushing and the external hard drive is easy to fall on the recover files from mcafee frp usb ground and cause damage to the crystal oscillator, you only need to change the opposite crystal recover files from media recovery usb oscillator. Can.

  (3) The main control, if the above two conditions are normal, then the main control recover files from network hard drive chip is damaged.Just change the main control.

  2. Pull out the external hard drive from the computer, recover files from non readable usb and prompt "unrecognizable device".

  Maintenance thoughts: Regarding this situation, the first recover files from old hard drive point is to clarify that the circuit of the external hard drive is basically normal, but only has a recover files from osx hard drive problem with the computer communication, and there are the following points about the communication recover files from overwritten hard drive that need to be introspected:

  (1) external hard drive interface circuit. There is no special component recover files from partitioned hard drive in this circuit, that is, two data lines D D-, so you only need to measure whether the line between recover files from pc hard drive the data line and the main control is normal when examining this circuit. Two small resistance recover files from portable hard drive resistors will be connected in series between the data line and the main control circuit to play a recover files from raw external drive role in maintenance, so it is necessary to check whether the resistance of these two resistors is recover files from raw hard drive normal.

  (2) The clock circuit, because the communication between the external drive and the computer recover files from raw usb drive must be stopped at a certain frequency, if the task frequency of the external drive can't be synchronized recover files from raw usb stick with the computer, then the system will think that this is an "unrecognizable device".At this recover files from reimaged hard drive time we need to change the crystal oscillator.And there are really many examples of crystal damage in recover files from replace hard drive practical maintenance!

  (3) The main control, if the above two points of introspection are normal, recover files from replaced hard drive then it can be judged that the main control is damaged.

  3. The external drive can be recognized, recover files from sata hard drive but it prompts "the disk has not been formatted" when opening it, but it can not be formatted in recover files from seagate hard drive fragments, or it prompts "please pull out the disk". When opening the external drive, there are garbled recover files from toshiba hard drive characters, and the capacity does not match with itself, etc.

  Solution: Regarding this situation, recover files from transcend hard drive it can be judged that the hardware of the external hard drive itself does not have much performance, recover files from unallocated hard drive but the software performance is only the result.Just find the repair and shutdown tool of the master recover files from unbootable hard drive control program and do it.

  external hard drive faults are about these secondary results.Regarding recover files from unformatted hard drive the inability to write files, non-storage, etc., it is usually caused by poor FLASH function or recover files from uninitialized hard drive bad blocks.

  Do you have a clear thought after reading it This is a little experience of my usual recover files from unknown usb device maintenance. I hope I can give you a little help.Please support.