Dont use tools to teach you to create a computer security lock so that your computer can only be booted from a external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-25 14:40

  Today, the editor teaches you how to create a kind of security lock called USB lock on the imaging toshiba recovery media creator usb not working market, which means that your computer can only be started after the external drive is plugged in.

toshiba recovery media creator windows 8 usb   1.First, right-click the blank space in the root directory of the external hard drive, click the " toshiba recovery media on external hard drive New-Text Document" command in turn, and name the newly created text file "suo.TXT";

  2.Then open the toshiba recovery usb disk remove write protection Notepad program and enter the following command code:

  if not exist H:suo.txt shutdown -t 3 -s -c toshiba satellite free windows 7 recovery usb "I'm sorry!The system has been locked, the system will automatically shut down immediately!", where toshiba satellite radius p55w b5220 recovery usb "H" is the drive letter corresponding to the external hard drive, shutdown.exe is the system shutdown toshiba satellite recovery usb download windows 8 program.

  3.Save the above text file as a batch file with the extension bat, assuming the name " toshiba satellite windows 10 64 recovery usb pass.bat".

  4.Click the "Start-Run" command in turn, and enter the string command "gpedit.msc", click toshiba satellite windows 7 recovery usb free the "OK" button, open the group policy editing interface, expand the "User Configuration-Windows totally free hard drive recovery software mac Settings-Script-(Login/Logout)" item in the left pane of the interface, and click the corresponding totally free photo recovery from external drive "Script- (Login/Logout)" in the right display area of the item, double-click the "Login" option to transcend external hard disk data recovery software open the login property setting interface as shown in the figure.

  5.Click the "Add" button in this transcend usb drive recovery software 3.0 1.5 interface, and then import the previously created "pass.bat" script, and finally click the "OK" button transcend usb pen drive data recovery tool to exit the setting interface.

  6.After that, when we try to restart the computer system without transfer hp recovery partition new hard drive inserting the external hard drive, the system will automatically pop up "Sorry!The system has been transfer recovery mac to portable hard drive locked, the system will automatically shut down immediately!"" prompt, the system will be shut down transfer windows 7 recovery disk to usb immediately, and then, when the system is restarted when the external drive is inserted, it is found trying to recover data from hard drive that everything is normal when the system starts. In this way, the ordinary external drive will turn turned external hard drive to recovery disk into a external drive lock to protect the security of the system.