Can the ISO image exceed 4G in mass production of external hard drives [Win11 Solutions]

53 2021-08-25 13:50

  When all of us mass-produced USB boot disks, have we encountered ISO images larger than 4G, we may use chromebook recovery tool to create bootable usb consider that the previous requirement for mass production usbcdrom is preferably a boot image lower use external hard drive for recovery windows 10 than 4G to have a higher success rate. Especially now that the original image of a WIN10 system use hp recovery discs on blank hard drive exceeds 4G, can it be possible to support the mass production of most external hard drives to images use hp recovery disk on new hard drive above 4G.

  Mass production iso image file selection setting interface

  Here, the external hard drive use hp recovery dvd to create usb boot Mass Production Network tells you that, in fact, most external hard drive mass production tools do use hp usb recovery flash disk utility usb not limit the size of the ISO image, such as Hui Rong, Yin Can, and Phison's chip disks. If there use portable hard drive as windows recovery medi a are any, they are very old before. For the mass production tool version, there are no restrictions on use recovery discs with new hard drive lenovo the external hard drive mass production tools in the last 2 years. That is to say, except that the use recovery mode to install macox on usb external hard drive removable disk itself is formatted as NTFS and can hold a single file larger than use ubuntu to recover files from hard drive 4G, the USB-CDROM boot image can also be made larger than 4G iso.

  But in fact, there is no need use usb as hard drive windows 10 recovery to mass-produce the original ISO image of the system into Usb-cdrom, because the system is updated use usb to rebuild recovery partition windows 10 quickly and frequently, and the cdrom is solidified after mass production. The original image can't use windows 10 recovery usb on another computer be easily modified or replaced, and it must be renewed. Mass production is possible. Everyone knows use windows 10 recovery usb to rebuild mbr that mass production is risky. Even if you have successfully mass production once, it does not mean use windows 8 1 image as recovery usb that you will succeed next time. Therefore, external hard drive Network recommends that you only use windows 8 recovery usb on windows 7 mass-produce the WINPE maintenance iso image to the external hard drive cdrom. In the boot disk, then put use windows pro recovery usb to install home the system iso in the second partition, which is the ordinary external hard drive partition, so you use windows recovery usb to reinstall efi boot can put multiple systems, as long as your external hard drive is large enough, you can put several used recovery usb on laptop still freezing up XP, win7, win10, etc. In this way, the external hard drive can be used to the maximum, because the used recovery usb says its not right general winpe image is only a few hundred M. If you ask how to install the system, in fact, when you using a hard drive enclosure for data recovery enter winpe, you can directly see all the systems in the ordinary external hard drive partition. , using a recovery usb for alienware 15 solved At this time, if you want to restore GHOST or install the system with the original win installer, using dell os recovery and restore usb key there is no problem. You can search for a lot of specific tutorials in the site and it is very simple. using dell recovery disk on new hard drive