KingstonDT101 2G free external hard drive evaluation[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-25 13:20

  Buy a MSI P35 motherboard and get a Kingston DT101 2GB external drive. This event is very much in recover windows 8 1 using usb the market. Many netizens who didn't want to buy it also rushed to get a free external drive to buy recover windows after hard drive failure a MSI motherboard, but the gift external drive is a good product.?How about performance?You must not recover windows files with ubuntu usb know before you buy it. Today I will take you to experience a gift external drive.

  Kingston recover windows from hard drive crash DataTarveler 101 2GB USB external packaging

  Kingston DataTarveler 101 2GB external drive also uses the recover windows hard drive on mac popular transparent plastic outer packaging, you can easily understand the product appearance, color recover windows hard drive with linux and other information.At the same time the package also marked the product 2GB capacity and support recover windows hard drive with ubuntu for Windows Vista operating system. external hard drive Home

  Kingston DataTarveler 101 2GB external recover windows key from external drive drive Home

  Kingston's DataTarveler101 2GB external drive uses a rotating opening method, so you recover windows key from hard drive don't have to worry about losing the flash drive cap anymore.The product uses high-quality A+ flash recover windows key off hard drive chips inside, which can be repeatedly erased and written for more than 100,000 times, ensuring user recover windows key unrecognized hard drive data security.The interface adopts mainstream USB2.0 design, and backward compatible.

  Kingston recover windows password from hard drive DataTarveler 101 2GB USB Appearance

  Kingston DataTarveler101 2GB external drive uses gold and red recover windows password windows 10 liveusb colors. The flash drive body is designed to be translucent, and the year of the rat LOGO is printed recover windows using recovery media usb on the shaft, which plays a certain role in anti-counterfeiting and collection.

  Read and write recover without changing hard drive partitions performance test:

  In order to further understand the transfer speed of Kingston DataTarveler101 2GB recover word documents from hard drive USB, HD-Tach and ATTO Disk bench software were used for testing.Among them, the HD-Tach software mainly recover xbox one hard drive save tests the read speed and CPU usage of the product, while the ATTO Disk bench software mainly tests recover your data external hard drive the write speed of the product. The following is a test sample image.

  Test platform: Lenovo C466 recover your data from hard drive Disney laptop

  Kingston DataTarveler101 2GB external drive test results

  From the above test recovered usb data but ononly getting samples, the reading speed of Kingston DataTarveler101 2GB external drive is 11MB/s, and the random recovering a blank usb flash drive access speed is 0.5ms, the CPU usage is only about 4%, and the write speed is 5MB/s. According to the recovering a broken external hard drive overall test results, it is considered to have a good speed among similar products, and the CPU usage recovering a corrupt volume hard drive is also very small, which does not affect the operation of the machine itself speed.

  Through recovering a crashed external hard drive software testing, we have a preliminary impression of the performance of Kingston DataTarveler101 2GB recovering a dead laptop hard drive external drive, but as an ordinary consumer, the actual file copy speed is what they care about most. recovering a external ahrd drive freezer After all, the external drive is used most of the time. Do this job.

  Kingston DataTarveler101 2GB recovering a hard drive after formatting external drive Actual Test external hard drive Home

  In the next actual file copy test, we will copy recovering a hard drive that won' a FIFA World Cup 06 installation file that we just downloaded to three types of storage, then copy recovering a helium filled hard drive it out, and record with a stopwatch. The DEMO file has a capacity of 389MB, occupies 390M of space, recovering abitlocker usb drive without password and contains 76 Files and 11 folders are very similar to the user's usual use environment. The testers recovering an external hard drive slow hope that the virtual test environment can be as close to the user's general use status as recovering an internal unrecognized hard drive possible.Next, the test begins:

  Project: Copy a 390MB file

  Kingston DataTarveler101 2GB external recovering bitcoin from my hard drive drive:

  Copy into external hard drive: 02 minutes 06.9

  Copy out the external hard drive: 00 minutes recovering chrome bookmarks from hard drive 39.1

  SanDisk 512MB CF card + Biaowang USB2.0 Reader:

  Copy in: 03 minutes 41.0

  Copy out: 02 recovering corrupted external hard disk dat a minutes 16.6

  MS DUO card + card reader:

  Copy in: 02 minutes 09.7

  Copy out: 01 minutes 11.2 external recovering corrupted files from usb photorec hard drive Home

  Editor's point of view: Free lunch, very powerful performance, very convenient recovering crashed hard drive free download to carry, compact, very suitable for MM's favorite use. external hard drive Home