Why cant the burned system disk be booted with the USB optical drive [Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-25 12:40

  Although external hard drive is used to install the system now, but the external hard drive is how to recover shortcut files in usb always easy to be broken or easy to lose. There are still a few people who like to use the CD to install how to recover software from hard drive the system or maintain the system, and now many new computers no longer install the optical drive, how to recover solid state hard drive but the laptop There is still a CD-ROM drive, and many laptops or desktop computers have a USB CD-ROM how to recover something deleted from usb drive, which is plugged into the USB port to use the CD-ROM drive, but now the computer is different how to recover something deleted off usb from the previous ones, and they have relatively new motherboards. Some people just use it. The how to recover sony vaio from usb system disc is burned in the previous way, and the computer can't be started with the USB drive. What how to recover space on hard drive is going on.

  1. First, we must exclude external reasons:

  1. Disc burning failed

  Make sure how to recover space on usb drive your CD is burned successfully. Use commonly used burning software to ensure the success rate. It's how to recover ssd hard drive dat a okay to use the CD on other people's computers.

  2. The CD is spent

  After the disc has been used for how to recover surface pro from usb a period of time, if the disc is used improperly, it will be spent, that is, there are scratches how to recover tesla dash cam usb on the disc. In this case, it can't be used.

  3. The system image is damaged

  Ensure that the ISO how to recover toshiba external hard drive image of the system you burned is complete, you can load the iso image with a virtual CD-ROM drive to how to recover toshiba laptop hard drive see if it is broken.

  2. Internal reasons:

  However, the editor encountered none of the above how to recover unallocated disk on external problems. The CD burning was successful without scratches. The USB drive is also okay. It can be used how to recover unallocated external hard drive to read CD songs and CDs, so why not start the disk.

  The reason is: the problem of bios, why it is how to recover unallocated hard drive cmd bios, because the computer is a relatively new computer, and bios supports two CD boot methods. In how to recover unallocated hard drive space the bios settings, there are uefi-usb-DVD and ordinary usb-DVD for DVD. The system CD we made can only how to recover unallocated partition on usb support the traditional boot method, so the default uefi-usb-DVD can't boot, you must select usb-DVD how to recover undetected external hard disk to boot normally.

  Summary: In fact, it is a matter of common sense. Although many external hard how to recover usb after chromebook utility drives now support dual boot and uefi boot, many disc images may not support uefi boot. Please pay how to recover usb bootable windows 10 attention to it, either burn a system image that supports uefi boot or just in bios Modify the DVD how to recover usb data through cmd startup method with traditional startup.

  In addition, it is recommended that everyone use a external how to recover usb data without formatting hard drive to boot, and the system mirror update is also faster, and it is more convenient to use. how to recover usb drive data free