How to expand the external hard drive capacity tutorialin order to prevent[Win11 Solutions]

69 2021-08-25 11:40

  Everyone knows that there are some very cheap external drives with large capacity on the Internet. windows 10 recovery disk download 64 bit usb This kind of external drive is called an expanded external drive or a fake external drive. It is windows 10 recovery disk on external hard drive changed from a relatively small capacity, such as 2G to 64G or even 1T after the expansion operation. windows 10 recovery does not see usb drive This kind of external drive has a false capacity. It can't store files larger than the actual capacity, windows 10 recovery drive usb 2 or 3 and errors will occur. Today, I will study how expansion is done to let everyone understand the windows 10 recovery dual boot multiple hard drives principle, so that you can encounter expansion in the future. external hard drive can be recognized, windows 10 recovery files from second hard drive or tell others how it came from, this article is just to learn the expansion method, I hope you don't windows 10 recovery hard drive recovery command prompt use it to do things that are against morality.

  What tool is the first choice to use to expand windows 10 recovery iso usb for another pc the external drive? The answer is mass production tools, not any mass production tool that can be used windows 10 recovery on usb copy to disk to expand the external drive. Only part of the main control external drive can be used, such as windows 10 recovery other computer iso download usb Anguo, such as Chipsbank. , Such as Huayi's, here is how to mass-produce and expand the external hard windows 10 recovery tools bootable rescue disk usb drive controlled by Huayi as an example.

  1. First, you make sure that your external hard drive is windows 10 recovery usb blue screen with cursor controlled by Huayi, you can use the chip to detect it, as shown in the figure below

  2. It can be windows 10 recovery usb boots to black screen seen that the main control is Huayi HY6919, this main control just has a mass production tool that windows 10 recovery usb download for another pc can be used for expansion, we download the HY6919 chip APTool mass production tool

  3. Open the mass windows 10 recovery usb drive kills usb driver production tool, plug in the external drive, click Refresh to recognize the external drive, it will windows 10 recovery usb drive upgrade license key display the capacity of the external drive, flash memory and other information, then we click to windows 10 recovery usb error 0x80042405 set

  In fact, it's very simple. You don't need to change the others. Just fill in the fixed capacity windows 10 recovery usb error during system restor in the capacity setting option with the capacity you want. For example, is 1.9T, you can also check windows 10 recovery usb for another pc microsoft 360, which means that the 360 expansion detection tool can not detect that it is an expansion external windows 10 recovery usb from a different computer hard drive. It is very advanced.

  4. Then click OK, click Start directly, and then wait for mass windows 10 recovery usb not including system files production to succeed.

  5. The time for mass production will not be too long. Wait for it to become windows 10 recovery usb not loading site PASS and it will succeed. Close the software and plug in and out the external hard drive to check windows 10 recovery usb not seeing usb drive the capacity.

  6. You can see that the capacity has become 1.84T, the fake capacity external hard windows 10 recovery usb restore to previous date drive was successfully made.

  Summary: It can be seen that the mass production tool of Huayi master windows 10 recovery usb safe mode form repair control is easier and faster than other master control external hard drives to expand the capacity. windows 10 recovery usb sys disk too small It can also hide the expansion external hard drive detection software, so we will not use 360 when windows 10 recovery usb system drive too small we encounter expansion external hard drives in the future. Software, do not use MyDiskTest, these will windows 10 recovery usb thre was a p not be detected, you must use the H2testw software to detect these expanded external drives. After windows 10 recovery usb to another hard drive reading the above tutorial, you will know how easy it is to make an expanded external drive, and windows 10 recovery usb without media creation tool whatever capacity you want Just fill in, so don't be greedy for cheap.