How to add your own software tools to PE[Win11 Solutions]

30 2021-08-25 11:00

  Generally, we will encounter the following situations in the process of using PE:

  1. There is a someone throwed my laptop can i recover the hardrive software that is not available in the PE system, but I just want to use it, should I add it to the sony vaio e series model sve 1712 recovery usb PE system by myself.

  2. Either there is a software under the PE system, I want to use it, do I need stellar data recovery copy image to another hard drive to enter the PE system to use it.

  In order to solve this problem, P processing can be used to add stellar phoenix mac data recovery cant find hard drive a folder that can be easily DIY, and there is software that can be added and deleted at will.

  PETOOLS.INI step by step use of data recover usb system content, used to search the petools directory (from hhh333 that petools.Inspired by ini) steps to recover data from a formatted hard drive Note: The petools directory should be created under the partition root directory.

  `Shortcut to generate surface pro 3 create recovery usb from another computer target file


  EXEC=!CMD switch to a smaller hard drive windows recovery usb /C "COPY "%SystemRoot%SYSTEM32MAIN.INI" "%TOOLS%MAIN.INI""


  MESS %TOOLS% system goes into bitlocker recovery after booting from usb has been loaded into the start menu.@Mount PETOOLS工具#OK *2000

  `Search for files in the PETOOLS system is damaged please try recover from external storage directory


  SHORTCUT.The content of BAT is as follows, search system recover image on new hard drive windows 10 for executable files under petools, create corresponding directories, and install*.inf, register*.reg system recovery does not recognize hard drive in vmware and other auxiliary files.

  IF NOT EXIST "%USERPROFILE% "Start" menu extension program directory" system recovery on gateway lt4004u after hard drive replacement (MD "%USERPROFILE% "Start" menu extension program directory")

  for /f "delims=" %%a in ('dir /b / system recovery options install drivers for your hard disk ad') do (

  md "%USERPROFILE%"Start" menu expansion program directory%%a"

  for /r %%b in (*.exe *.cmd system restore on hp windows 10 using recovery usb *.bat *.wim) do (

  shortcut.exe /f:"%USERPROFILE%"Start" menu expansion program directory%%a%%~nb.lnk" systools hard drive data recovery 3 3 activation key /a:c /t:"%%~fb"

  for /r %%c in (*.inf) do RUNDLL32.EXE SETUPAPI.DLL,InstallHinfSection systools hard drive data recovery 3 3 product key DefaultInstall 128 .%%c

  for /r %%d in (*.reg) do REGEDIT /S "%%d"

  main.Content in ini, used to execute systools hard drive data recovery 3 3 serial key SHORTCUT.BAT.


  FORX .*.exe,var0,0,link %StartMenu% extension program systools hard drive data recovery 9 0 0 0 directory%var0%,%var0%

  FORX .*.bat,var1,0,link %StartMenu% extension program directory%var1%,%var1%

  FORX systools hard drive data recovery v9 0 0 0 .*.cmd,var2,0,link %StartMenu% extension program directory%var2%,%var2%

  FORX .*.wim,var3 tab s2 can not install from external device recovery ,0,link %StartMenu% extension program directory%var3%,%var3%

  FILE %StartMenu% expansion program testdisk following partition can't be recovered mac hard drive directory SHORTCUT.BAT.lnk

  1. Download the attachment file and put the four files under system32.

   testdisk no partition found or selected for recovery usb 2. Create a petools folder in the root directory of your local hard disk or external hard drive, and the best hard drive recovery software for windows toptenreviews put the program you want to use in it, no additional settings are required.

  3. Enter the PE, execute the hard drive recovery process has been selected hatas the search on the desktop and load PETOOLS to the start menu.