SSD External solid state drive USB30 if the speed is slow[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-25 10:10

  usb3.0Using external drives are generally used, but sometimes we also put solid state drives into recovering deleted files on external hard drive usb3.Used in a box with 0, this is called usb3.0 ssd mobile hard disk, but will ssd be a mobile hard recovering desktop hard drive using external enclosure disk very high speed.Like external hard drive or mechanical mobile hard disk in usb3.The speed at 0 recovering emails from a damaged hard drive is not very high, but everyone is used to it, and the ssd itself is basically a speed above 300M/S, recovering evidence from the usb write cache if it is at usb3.Does it mean that there is a problem and it is slow.

  But you may find a problem, recovering external hard drive with linux mint usb3.0 ssd mobile hard disk may only run 100M/S on some computers, some new computers can run 400M/ recovering files from a dead external harddrive S, what is going on.Let me introduce the reasons and solutions to everyone.

  Same as USB3.0 interface, recovering files from a failing hard drive why is the performance gap so big?

  USB 3.No need to introduce the 0 specification, the 5Gbps recovering files from a laptop hard drive bandwidth has been advertised enough by the merchants.Since USB 3.0 is the transmission speed of 5Gbps, recovering files from a portable hard drive why the same USB 3.0The performance of mobile hard disks varies so much on different computers?You recovering files from an old hard drive might say that USB 3.0 The main control chip has differences between the third party and the native, recovering files from crashed hard drive mac and the third-party main control chips of different brands are also different, so there will be a recovering files from crashed mac hard drive slight performance gap.Of course, this is only one factor, not the biggest factor (under the same recovering files from dead external hard drive standard, the performance difference of master chips from different manufacturers will not exceed half, recovering files from dead hard drive mac otherwise, how can they be mixed in the market.).The biggest impact is actually the following two recovering files from dead usb hard drive aspects.

  UASP, there is a big difference

  UASP can realize parallel processing of multiple commands, recovering files from external hard drive free and the data packet becomes larger, which is naturally faster

  Turn on/off UASP to USB 3.0SSD recovering files from failed mac hard drive mobile hard disk performance impact

  (VL800 main control chip, Win7 system)

  Continuous transmission

  What recovering files from hard drive that won' is UASP?Explain a bunch of technical terminology, you probably don't like to read it, just recovering files from mac external hard drive say it simple.UASP is a transmission protocol. Compared with the traditional USB BOT half-duplex recovering files from macbook pro hard drive transmission method, it supports parallel processing of multiple commands, and the data packet has also recovering files from old windows hard drive increased by 1MB, so it is more efficient.From USB 1.1 to USB 3.0, BOT is the default transmission recovering files off a bad hard drive method, and the addition of UASP allows USB 3.The power of 0 really broke out.

  However, UASP needs recovering files off a mac hard drive several aspects of support to be effective.First is the USB 3 on the motherboard.0 The main control recovering files off an external toshiba drive chip must support (the corresponding driver must be installed under Win8 system, the above is not recovering files on an external hard drive necessary, the system comes with a driver), and the USB mobile storage device must support (USB3.0Mobile recovering from hard drive failure in vist a hard disk box, USB 3.0 flash memory and their corresponding firmware).

  For motherboards used recovering hard drive data laptop beeping noise in old computers (before Intel 7 series chipsets and AMD A75 chipsets), you can only rely on third-party recovering hard drive data with broken arm master chips to provide USB 3.0 interface, so the situation of each motherboard is uneven.Some recovering hard drive do not have permission old motherboards have not updated USB 3 now.0 The main control chip is driven, so you need to find recovering hard drive info from dead laptop the driver yourself.I really can't find it. You can consider upgrading to Win10 and using Microsoft's recovering hard drive that doesnt show up official driver, which may solve the problem.

  For USB 3.0Mobile hard drives, except for USB3.0 to recovering hard drive with data requesting initialization SATA bridge chip requires UASP support, but also corresponding firmware (involving the issue of recovering information from a broken hard drive royalties, some peripheral manufacturers would rather not provide corresponding firmware, even if the recovering information from a crashed hard drive device itself supports UASP in hardware), the official If you don't provide it, you can only find it recovering lost files from hard drive free yourself (seeking a customer service is also a way), if you don't, you have to look for products that recovering lost partition on external hard drive officially support UASP when you buy.

  To summarize, to open UASP on an old computer, you need:

  recovering lost pictures on separate hard drive  ●Confirm the USB 3 on the motherboard.0The main control chip supports UASP and install the latest recovering lost space on a usb drive driver (you can try to upgrade to Win10 if you can't find the driver)

  ●Confirm USB 3.0Mobile hard recovering lost volume on external hard drive disk box supports UASP (go to the official website to check product information)

  PCI-E channels, the recovering mac hard drive on windows reddit more the faster

  Third-party USB 3.0The PCI-E channel bandwidth used by the main control chip has recovering my photos after hard drive crash a significant impact on performance

  In addition to UASP transmission protocol affecting USB 3.In recovering old 2002 hard drive save files addition to the transmission speed of the 0SSD mobile hard disk, the third-party USB 3 on the recovering old outlook emails from external drive motherboard.0 The PCI-E channel occupied by the main control chip also has an impact (only for old recovering old password from computer hard drive motherboards).Third-party USB 3 on most old motherboards back then.0 The main control chip occupies PCI-E 1 recovering outlook contacts from old hard drive .0×1 channel, the bandwidth is only 250MB/s one-way (this is why the USB3 of the old motherboard.0 recovering outlook files from damaged hard drive is the root cause of the failure to get up all the time), obviously this will greatly limit the recovering partition files hard drive ubuntu ddrescue performance of the SSD.As a result, some first-tier motherboard manufacturers have adopted clever ways to recovering photos from faililng mac hard drive make third-party USB 3.0 The main control chip can occupy the PCI-E inside the CPU 2.0 channel (and recovering photos from failing mac hard drive ×2), to achieve two-way 500MB/s transmission, which achieves USB 3.The upper limit speed is 0, but recovering photos from from wiped hard drive the PCI-E channel used by the graphics card is only ×8 (the CPU provides two sets of PCI-E ×8, USB 3 recovering pictures from a formatted hard drive .0 occupies one group of PCI-E ×2, the graphics card can only use the other group).If you are still recovering pictures from windows 10 crashed hardrive using such a motherboard, you can use the official application of the motherboard manufacturer to recovering specific corrupted files from usb photorec enable this function (such as Gigabyte's USB 3.0 The "Turbo" mode can be selected in the acceleration recovering sql views from crashed hard drive software), which can greatly improve the USB 3.0 transmission speed, reducing the performance constraints recovering the data from harddrive in algorithm on the SSD mobile hard disk.

  The USB acceleration program of the motherboard manufacturer is recovering unallocated and locked hard drive volumes somewhat effective

  ASUS USB 3.0Boost tool has obvious acceleration effect

  If the USB3 of the old recovering usb flash drive insert usb drive motherboard.0 performance is not satisfied, USB 3.0 SSD mobile hard drives can't perform all recovering usb flash drive inserted usb drive performance, then you can also try the official USB speed-up tool provided by the motherboard manufacturer.For recovering windows 10 key from hard drive example, ASUS provides USB 3.0 Boost tool, you can select "Normal", "UASP", "Turbo" and other recovering windows 7 from dead hard drive modes. The normal mode is for USB 3 that does not support UASP.0 The device also has a speed-up effect. recovery backup not seeing ntfs usb If the device supports UASP, it can be speeded up by more than 70% in some cases.

  In addition recovery boot password reset usb download free to ASUS, ASRock also has XfastUSB speed-up tool, which can be used for motherboard USB 3.0 The recovery boot password reset usb review linus performance is improved, the disadvantage is that to turn on and off this function, you need to re-plug recovery console windows xp removing usb driver the USB device to work.

  In fact, using software tools is only to optimize USB 3 as much as possible.The recovery data from formatted hard drive service transmission efficiency of 0 can not break through the limitation of the hardware, but it is an recovery data from hard drive after format improvement at no cost, and it is unnecessary.Of course, to solve the fundamental problem, you still recovery data from usb drive windows 8 have to spend some money to buy a PCI-E USB 3.0/3.1 Expansion card (ranging from 50 yuan to 300 recovery deleted files from external hard drive yuan, the more expensive the more interfaces, the better the performance), everything is done.

  Buy recovery deleted videos off hard drive mac an expansion card, the performance and the number of interfaces can be improved

  USB 3 of VIA VL805 recovery drive does not see my usb master chip solution.0 Expansion card can support UASP

  For newly equipped computers, native USB 3 recovery drive doesn't recognize usb windows 10 is already integrated on the motherboard.0 Controller, don't worry about USB 3 at all.0SSD mobile recovery drive mount hard drive for commands hard disk speed will be limited.For old computers, if the third-party chip has poor performance due to recovery drive windows 10 doesn't see usb PCI-E bandwidth issues or does not support UASP, the last solution is to add an expansion card.

  Choose recovery error on seagate external hard drive USB 3.0 Expansion cards should pay attention to two points. One is whether its PCI-E socket recovery file surface pro 4 on usb corresponds to your old motherboard. Don't choose a PCI-E × 4 expansion card for high bandwidth but recovery formatted hard drive on mac quickly find that your old motherboard has no slots; 2. It is necessary to choose the control chip to support recovery from a hard drive using usb UASP. There is no good way to do this. You can only write down the main control chip used by the recovery from usb flash drive windows 7 expansion card and check it on the official website.In fact, some 4-port USB 3 that supports UASP.0 recovery hard drive data mac white room Expansion card is no more than 80 yuan.

  So actually usb3.The speed of the 0 ssd mobile hard disk is recovery information hard drive in staten island completely dependent on the old and new computers. Don't think that you can make a qualitative leap recovery media opn a new hard drive in speed on the old computer by buying an expansion card. After all, it also takes up PCI-E 1 on the recovery mode copy files linux usb centos old motherboard.0 × 1 channel, so it is not recommended to buy expansion cards for this kind of old recovery mode mac doesn show hard drive motherboard, and for PCI-E 2.The old motherboard with 0×1 socket can play USB 3.0 For all the performance recovery mode mac doesn't show hard drive of the SSD mobile hard disk, we must ensure the speed of the ssd mobile hard disk. It is necessary recovery mode mac not in external monitir to consider whether the computer that is plugged in is relatively new. If the computer you use recovery mode put files on usb stick is old, then it is not recommended to buy the ssd mobile hard disk. It is recommended to buy a recovery my all hard drive western digital mechanical mobile hard disk. , After all, it's too much cheaper.