The external hard drive prompts that it cannot be accessed Due to an I/O device error this request cannot be run 3 perfect solutions[Win11 Solutions]

36 2021-08-25 09:40

  Sometimes our external drive will be suddenly or incorrectly used, causing the external drive to recover data from iphone hard drive prompt inaccessible, prompting I/O errors and other error messages. The external drive can't be opened, recover data from iphone like harddrive and the contents in it are the most important, then how to restore the external drive Woolen recover data from ipod hard drive cloth.

  Several solutions are given below in terms of complexity:

  Method 1. It may be related to recover data from laptop hard drive forcibly unplugging. You can check the error of the external drive, right click on the external drive, recover data from locked hard drive properties, tools, errors, automatic repair.

  If it can't be repaired, in the lower left corner, recover data from mac hard drive start, run, enter cmd, enter dos, enter chkdsk h:/f

  h represents the drive letter of your external recover data from macbook hard drive hard drive, it depends on what you own, and /f is the automatic repair parameter.

  This method is the recover data from mybook hard drive simplest solution. It can restore the normal operation of the external drive. Of course, the data recover data from nas hard drive in it can also be used directly, but this method is usually due to logical errors in the data on the recover data from network hard drive external drive. It is not good if it is other hard errors used.

  1. Move the mouse to the desktop recover data from ntfs hard drive computer icon, then right-click, and select "Manage" in the pop-up menu, as shown in the figure recover data from old hard drive below:

  2. After opening the computer management page, expand the "Storage" option, and then click "Disk recover data from partitioned hard drive Management", you can see the drive list in the middle pane.Right-click the external drive, and then recover data from pc hard drive select "Change Drive Letter and Path" in the menu, as shown in the figure below:

  3. In the window recover data from ps3 hard drive to change the drive letter and path that pops up, we click the letter of the USB drive, and then recover data from ps4 external drive click the "Change" button, as shown in the figure below:

  4. Next, reassign a drive letter in the drive recover data from ps4 hard drive letter drop-down list, and then click "OK", as shown in the figure below:

  5. At this time, a recover data from raid hard drive warning box will pop up, asking whether to continue the operation, we can click "Yes", as shown in the recover data from raw hard drive figure below:

  Through the above explanation, it is not difficult to see that the reason why the recover data from raw hard drives external hard drive can't be run is due to the disk drive letter error. We only need to re-assign a recover data from raw usb driv drive letter to the external hard drive.

  Method 3: If the above re-allocation of the drive letter recover data from raw usb drive can't be solved, then it is very likely that the external hard drive is broken, then you should think recover data from raw usb partition about restoring the data inside, you can download the data recovery software of this site to restore recover data from reimaged hard drive the data, data recovery Later, if you want to repair the external drive so that it can be used recover data from sandisk usb drive normally again, then you have to use the mass production tool to try it. The steps to use the mass recover data from sas hard drive production tool to repair the external drive are roughly as follows: use chipgenius to detect the main recover data from sata hard drive control type of the external drive, The main control model, flash memory model, etc., and then download recover data from scratched hard drive the corresponding mass production tool from the external hard drive mass production tool catalog recover data from scsi hard drive of this site according to the main control model, and finally use the mass production tutorial to recover data from server hard drive repair the external hard drive, which is equivalent to restoring the official settings.

  In conclusion, recover data from simpletech hard drive if even the external hard drive mass production tool can't solve it, then it is obviously a hardware recover data from slow hard drive problem, you can consider sending it to the factory for repair.