Plextor SSD solid state drive firmware upgrade update graphic detailed tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

60 2021-08-25 09:30

  The Plextor ssd firmware update method is simply:

  1. Make a usb dos boot disk

  2. Use ultraISO best software to recover corrupted files from external to open the firmware downloaded from the official website and open

  3. Release the contents (get best software to recover files from hard drive some files, including ssdflash, etc.)

  4. Put these files into an English directory (must be put into best software to recover formatted external hard drive the directory) under the dos startup disk (startup external drive), such as /p

  5. After booting best software to recover hard drive data imac the external hard drive to dos, use the following command line to find the program to flash the best usb flash drive recovery software site firmware

  c: cd p [Enter folder p]

  c:pssdflash [Check the hard disk information and firmware version, best way to recover data from hard drive here will display the hard disk on your machine, for example mine is m5s 0, wd 1]

  c:pssdflash /UPSW best way to recover external hhd with ubuntu 0 [Here upsw must be capitalized, and suppose your Plextor ssd is hard disk 0]

  The firmware refresh best western digital external hard drive recovery software page appears, enter Y to confirm.Start refreshing, after refreshing, it will prompt that the bitlocker password recovery external hard drive microsoft account firmware update is successful

  The following is a detailed tutorial:

  Plextor SSD products only provide bitlocker recovery now hard drive not showing up users with CD-ROM image files for firmware upgrades, but most users may not have a recorder or bitlocker save recovery key to usb greyed out optical drive, so I would like to introduce you to use external hard drive or various flash memory cards black screen asus vivobook usb recovery won't work to update Plextor SSD firmware. Methods.

  First run UltraISO (if you are WIN7 or VISTA, remember boot cd to recover files from hard drive to right-click to run as administrator), and open the unzipped firmware refresh CD image (the image boot from dell windows 10 usb recovery drive is an ISO file).

  Click on the "Startup" menu and select the "Write hard disk image." item.

  In boot from device on usb recovery mode android the opened dialog box, select the drive letter of your external hard drive or flash memory card (I boot from live ubuntu usb to recover dat a disk here) in the "Hard Disk Drive" dialog box. If the external hard drive or flash memory card has boot from usb recovery environment with usb drivers data, remember to back it up first.It is recommended to format the external hard drive or flash memory boot from usb to recover files windows 7 card first, and you can also format it by pressing the'format' button here.Be careful not to select boot hard drive is damaged how to recover the wrong drive letter, because all data in the selected partition will be deleted.

  After everything boot mac in recovery mode with usb drive is ready, click the "write" button in the previous dialog box and the above prompt box will pop boot mac in recovery mode with usb keyboard up, click "Yes" to start writing the image.

  After a while, the dialog box on the above screen boot recovered mac hard drive in virtual machine appears, which means that the firmware flash disk has been written to.Since Plextor's firmware update CD boot the pc to the usb recovery drive does not use a format that WIN can recognize, if you open your external hard drive or flash memory boot up from usb recovery drive windows 10 card (here is the I disk), you won't see anything, but the image is actually written successfully. boot windows 10 from usb recovery drive error Entered.For example, I see here that the capacity of the flash memory card is 120MB. At this time, if boot windows 7 from usb easy recovery essentials I open the I disk to see, although there is nothing, it will be a few MB less than the original, bootable image in a windows 10 recovery usb which is occupied by the firmware refresh program and firmware.

  Then we restart to start with this bootable usb recovery drive not recognized in bios external hard drive or flash memory card. For specific operations, please refer to your motherboard booting computer from recovery usb windows 10 loop manual. You can enter the BIOS to set up, or you can use the boot menu shortcut keys to select the booting from a windows 10 usb recovery drive boot device.At the prompt, the external drive or flash memory card made in this way is usually put bounceback emergency restart from usb backup recovery device together with the hard disk in the boot list, so you need to advance the interface of the hard disk boot broken hard drive data recovery service in house sequence to see if you can find the external drive or flash memory card, do not directly select'USB broken screen data recovery without usb debugging locked -HDD' option as the primary boot device.

  After booting with a external hard drive or flash memory broken screen phone data recovery without usb debugging card, you will see the screen as shown above. At this time, we only need to press the'Enter' key build bootable usb drive from windows recovery directory to automatically enter the firmware refresh program.

  Wait for the program to run automatically, when build ubuntu on micro usb card with recovery the screen shown above appears, it means that the firmware has been refreshed.The top of the picture burn recovery msi won't let me choose usb above is my original firmware version: 1.00, you can see it becomes 1 after refreshing.02.

  After ca ch s du ng usb recovery driver the refresh is over, we can restart it directly to continue normal use.

  Here to talk about the cab a non spinning hard drive be recovered problems that may be encountered in refresh.

  The motherboard when refreshing in this tutorial is cable to recover data bad external hard drive GA-890GPA-UD3H, the south bridge is SB850, AMD platform, when refreshing in the default AHCI mode, after can a corrupted external hard drive be recovered entering the firmware refresh program, the following screen will appear:

  As you can see here, can a dead external hard drive be recovered the program recognizes the AHCI controller as SB700, and the content displayed in the detection of the can a formatted external hard drive be recovered hard disk below is also different from when the firmware is successfully refreshed.

  We need to can a hard drive be recovered after formatting press any key to continue after detecting 1 hard disk. After all hard disks are detected (here there can a recovery drive be a hard drive are 4 in total), we will exit the program without refreshing the firmware.

  The solution is to enter can a repartitioned hard drive be recovered mac the BIOS and turn the disk controller from AHCI mode to IDE mode to boot from the flash card again, can a water damaged hard drive be recovered and then the refresh program will work normally and refresh the firmware for the SSD.

  The reason can a windows usb recovery drive be cloned for this problem may be that the disk controller AHCI driver version used by Plextor's firmware can an erased mac hard drive be recovered refresh program may be older. Therefore, when the disk controller of some platforms is running in AHCI can best buy recover files off hard drive mode, there will be problems when using the refresh program. The IDE driver compatibility is much can data be recovered from a bad harddrive better than the AHCI driver, so some users can directly refresh the firmware in AHCI mode, but some can data be recovered from a crashed harddrive users need to switch to IDE mode to successfully refresh.