How to increase the service life of external hard drive after formatted as NTFS[Win11 Solutions]

32 2021-08-25 09:10

  Everyone knows that external drives can be formatted into three commonly used formats. The most usb recovery selected boot device failed dell common format with the highest compatibility is FAT32 format. Unfortunately, this format can't contain usb recovery software free download full version a single file larger than 4G, so the remaining two formats must be used, one is NTFS, one is exFAT, usb recovery software free download window 7 and many devices do not support exFAT, such as some routers, some car audio, some MP3, MP4, etc., usb recovery software free download window 8 so the rest is only NTFS. This format is currently more compatible than exfat, but still There is no usb recovery switch on xbox 360 kinect fat32. There is no way to use the ntfs format. However, the ntfs format is different in its original usb recovery tool when usb not found principle. It will often perform data operations on the files in the format, so it will indirectly usb site storage disaster recovery reduce the life of the external hard drive, such as:

  NTFS is a journal file system. Formatting a usb size needed for windows 10 recovery external drive into NTFS will reduce the life of the external drive. This is true. Under normal usb text recovery stick for stylo 4 circumstances, every time we access a file and check its attributes, we will find that the access time has usb to sata adapter hard drive recovery changed, and F32 only displays Access date, NTFS displays the access date and time. Every time a usb to ttl to recover netgear wnr3700v3 file in the NTFS system is accessed, check the file attributes again, and the displayed access time usb used for recovery now not working will change once.

  So the following will teach you how to solve this problem, so as to increase the usb windows 10 64 bit recovery kit service life of the external hard drive.

  Perform system settings on the computer where the external usb windows 10 64b recovery kit download hard drive is often inserted:

  Start button-control panel

  Management tools---

  Event Log, change usb windows 10 64bit recovery kit 15am3qrt603 to prohibit startup, restart the computer

  After setting, after accessing a file at this time, usb windows 7 64 bit recovery kit look at the access time again, right?.

  And the router does not have this problem, because the router usb windows 7 64 bit system recovery will not modify the time of the file.Therefore, the external drive in ntfs format can be inserted usb windows 8 1 32b recovery kit into the router with confidence, which can indirectly reduce the reading and writing of the external usb windows 8 1 64b recovery kit drive in the NTFS partition and increase the service life.