external hard drive can not display the virus processing method of hidden files[Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-25 08:30

  After selecting the option "Show hidden files", I found that a file on the external hard drive hp recovery disk fresh hard drive flashed out and disappeared immediately, and when I opened the folder option again, I found the option hp recovery disk larger hard drive "Do not show hidden files".And just found that when you click on the drive letter icon such as C, D, hp recovery disk new hard drive another window will open! USB home

  I. Description of the condition:

  1. can't display hidden hp recovery disk smaller hard drive files;

  2. Another window will open when you click on the drive letter icons such as C, D, etc.;

  3. hp recovery from usb windows 10 When viewing with winrar, autorun is found in the root directory of C, D, etc.inf and tel.xls.exe two hp recovery from usb windows 8 disgusting files;

  4. There is an inexplicable kill in the application process column of the task hp recovery manager external hard drive manager;

  5. There is an inexplicable SocksA in the startup item.exe. USB home

  II. Solution: Home hp recovery manager hardware driver reinstallation of external hard drive

  I used some special killing tools and batch files under DOS.Be careful not hp recovery manager insert usb drive to double-click the hard disk partition during the following whole process, use the right mouse hp recovery manager new hard drive button when you need to open—>Open. external hard drive Home

  1. Turn off the virus process

  In the hp recovery manager save to usb task manager application, look for processes that are similar to kill, etc. you don't know, right hp recovery manager usb flash drive click —> go to processes, and find similar to SVOHOST.exe (or a svchost.exe) process, right click —> hp recovery manager usb windows 10 end process tree.

  Two, show the hidden system files hp recovery manager usb windows 8



  exe (note that the system has a similar hp recovery manager windows 10 usb file, the icon with weird icon similar to excel is a virus) session

  exe, sacaka.exe, SocksA.exe hp recovery manager windows 7 usb and all excel-like icon files, two in each folder, don't delete by mistake, pay attention to yourself.After hp recovery manager windows 8 usb restarting the computer, it is basically ok.external hard drive Home.external hard drive hp recovery manager windows 8.1 usb Home.

  external hard drive can not display the virus processing method of hidden files:

  external hard hp recovery manager with external monitor drive can not display the virus processing method of hidden files