How to partition a external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

35 2021-08-25 07:40

  Hard disk partition tool PartitionMagic software interface

  After entering the PartitionMagic hard steps of recover a hard drive disk partition tool, we can partition the hard disk, but before partitioning the hard disk, we must steps to recover hard drive dat a think about a problem.For hard disk partitioning, we must first understand that C drive is generally storage usb drive changed to recovery used as a system disk, and other disks are used as storage disks.The C drive system must reserve store windows recovery disc on usb ample space, because the C drive space is too small, which will affect the system performance.We surface book 2 create recovery usb generally partition according to the operating system used. If you are still using Windows XP, it is surface book boot from recovery usb recommended that the space for the operating system is 10GB; if you are using Windows 7, it is recommended surface does not boot recovery usb to separate 30GB-50GB. Use the remaining capacity for personal data storage and software surface pad pro 3 recovery usb installation.This is the C drive that everyone often says.Then, the D disk is recommended to be used as the surface pro 2 create recovery usb installation directory for software and games; like the E disk and F disk, how to allocate it surface pro 2 recovery image usb according to your wishes can be assigned by yourself.Since hard disks generally reach above 500G at surface pro 2 recovery usb download present, it is generally recommended to reserve 100G for drive C.In addition, it is better to create 3-6 surface pro 2 usb recovery image drive letters for general hard disks, which is more convenient to store data in categories.

  Now surface pro 3 boot recovery usb let's introduce how to partition the hard disk. Let's first look at the effect of the final partition:

  Hard surface pro 3 create recovery usb Disk Partition Effect-Hard Disk Hierarchical Relationship

  When partitioning the hard disk, surface pro 3 hard drive recovery we need to understand that the created C drive is the boot partition (also called the primary surface pro 3 recovery from usb partition), and then the D drive and so on are collectively referred to as the extended partition. The surface pro 3 recovery image usb specific corresponding D drive or E drive and other single disks are called Logical partition.

  After surface pro 3 recovery media usb understanding the above hierarchical relationship, we can start hard disk partitioning, first create surface pro 3 recovery module usb the primary partition (that is, the system disk (C disk) that everyone says).

  First select the surface pro 3 recovery usb download hard disk on the left, and then find the new partition in the top menu. You can also right-click on surface pro 3 recovery usb drive the hard disk capacity icon and select New Partition. First, select the primary partition, as shown surface pro 3 recovery usb size in the figure below:

  Create a primary partition of the hard disk

  As shown in the figure above, surface pro 3 usb recovery download the created primary partition is the creation system (C drive), enter the capacity of the C drive to surface pro 4 recovery from usb be created in the new size.Generally create a reasonable size for the C drive based on the hard surface pro 4 recovery image usb capacity. The C drive system is recommended to leave at least 50G or more (if the hard disk capacity is surface pro 4 usb recovery failed small, it is recommended to allocate more than 30G).

  After selecting the capacity of the primary surface pro boot from recovery usb partition, click "OK: Enter the following interface and select the hard disk partition format:

  Hardware surface pro x boot recovery usb partition format selection

  It is recommended that everyone choose the NTFS hard disk partition surface windows 8.1 rt usb recovery format, because the format is the best for individual users regardless of whether it is separable symantec endpoint protection recovery tool usb size or security.If you have any questions, you can read: fat32 to ntfs command, the method of fat32 symantec endpoint recovery tool usb boot to ntfs

  After completing the above steps, we select the remaining capacity of the hard disk and symantec recovery disk iso to usb create an extended partition. The method is the same, as shown in the figure below:

  Create an extended symantec system recovery clone hard drive partition of the hard drive

  After creating the extended partition, we select the extended system image recovery from usb drive partition, and then create a logical partition inside the extended partition, as shown in the figure system image recovery new hard drive below:

  Create logical partitions in extended partitions

  Since the extended partition can contain system image recovery usb flash drive multiple logical partitions, create multiple logical partitions and pay attention to allocating the system image recovery windows 10 usb capacity of each logical partition.

  The last step: you need to set the primary partition as the active system image recovery windows 7 usb partition. This step is essential. The C drive must be set as the active partition, otherwise the system image recovery windows 8 usb installation system may not be able to enter the system. The method of setting the primary partition system image recovery windows 8.1 usb (C drive) as the active partition is as follows:

  Set the primary partition (C drive) as the active system recovery bootable usb flash drive partition

  After all the above steps are completed, the hard disk partition is also complete., system recovery disc or usb key Here I will explain the above related terms for everyone to deepen the understanding of rookie friends.The system recovery disc usb windows 7 primary partition created is our system disk, usually C disk (this disk must be set as an active system recovery disc windows 7 usb disk).The created extended partition is a collective name for all disks except C drive, and specific system recovery disk usb windows 7 ones such as D drive and E drive are called logical disks.

  There are only so many steps for the system recovery image windows 10 usb partition format of the new hard disk. Is it very simple? Although it may be a lot of space, the system recovery load drivers hard disk actual operation of the all-Chinese interface does not include many steps. Therefore, how to partition system recovery lower hard drive space the hard disk is still very simple.After the hard disk partition is completed, restart the computer system recovery on usb windows 10 to take effect, and then you can install the operating system.