The solidstate drive SSD is broken and successfully repaired with the Indilinx mass production tool[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-25 07:10

  SSD solid-state hard drives are becoming more and more popular. Although they are much faster than usb flash drive online recovery software traditional mechanical hard drives, they can generally boot up like flying after replacing the system usb flash drive online recovery tool disk. The price is currently relatively cheap, but like all electronic products, it lasts for a usb flash drive partition recovery freeware long time. If you do not recognize the disk, you can't open it. What should we do if we encounter this usb flash drive partition recovery software situation? Is there only one way to return to the factory? Then we can try to repair it by ourselves usb flash drive ransomware recovery tools before returning to the factory. First of all, you must know that SSD is a bit like a external usb flash drive raw data recovery drive. It has a master control, so it can generally be repaired with mass production tools. Although usb flash drive raw format recovery the repair process is more complicated than that of a external drive. But it is also operable. I will usb flash drive recover 0 size teach you how to fix it in detail below.

  In the case, our SSD is from Yuanke, and the main control usb flash drive recover lost space is indilinx. How to judge the main control? We can use the ssd-z software to directly detect it, usb flash drive recovery 32gb only or we can open it and look directly. Enter the engineering mode, the solid state drive must be short- usb flash drive recovery emergency disk circuited to enter this mode. See the short-circuit position in the figure above. It is better to usb flash drive recovery for repairing short-circuit with a copper wire, which is convenient to remove after repairing.

  In addition, if the usb flash drive recovery free download ssd in engineering mode can be recognized by the mass production tool normally, the sata mode must usb flash drive recovery free software be changed to ide mode in the bios.

  The short-circuited solid state drive will be re-identified as usb flash drive recovery freeware download YATAPDONG BAREFOOT-ROM in the computer, the CrystalDiskInfo for the detection software, which is usb flash drive recovery freeware mac also the ssd detection tool.

  After completing the previous steps, we need to download the indilinx usb flash drive recovery mac free mass production tool. Similarly, if your ssd is another master, just download the corresponding mass usb flash drive recovery software download production tool. For the mass production tool, we use: Indilinx mass production tool MP Tool FW2142 usb flash drive recovery software mac (SuperTalent2)

  After the mass production tool is opened, as shown in the figure above, you can see usb flash drive recovery tool cnet the ssd firmware version in the device category, fill in 2012, fill in the ssd name, and fill in the usb flash drive recovery tool free serial number.In the flash type, we check AUTO detection to let the mass production tool automatically usb flash drive recovery windows 10 recognize.Fill in the number of bad block detections in the option category, it is best to fill usb flash drive recovery windows 7 in the number of times, choose 1 for the previous download.You can start brushing after filling in. usb flash drive recovery windows 8

  Press START to start mass production of ssd. After about 30 minutes, the mass production of ssd usb flash drive repair software free is completed. At this time, we need to disconnect the wire that was shorted before. If it is tin, usb flash drive repair windows 10 remember to solder it off.

  Summary: Now the ssd solid state drive has been successfully repaired by usb flash memory data recovery software our mass production tool. I checked the speed with the CrystalDiskMark software. It can be seen that usb flash memory recovery programs скачать the speed is almost the same as when we first bought it. Although this tutorial is only for the usb flash recovery software free download indilinx master control, other masters Control is also a similar process, although the mass production usb flashdrive data recovery 5 1 tools are definitely different. For example, Hui Rong's ssd mass production tool, also called the card usb folder recovery software free download opening tool, can be mass produced. Don't confuse it.