The External external hard drive prompts need to format and retrieve files tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

70 2021-08-25 07:00

  After we use the mobile hard disk for a long time, we will encounter some thorny problems more or linux live usb for data recovery less. For example, one of the most common ones is that after the mobile hard disk is suddenly inserted, linux live usb hard drive recovery it prompts that it needs to be formatted before it can be used. However, there are a lot of linux recover data from external disk important things in our mobile hard disk. Data, after formatting, is there nothing left, so how can we linux recover data from hard drive retrieve the files without formatting? In fact, in this case, the removable hard disk will be normal linux recover deleted files from usb after formatting, so we need to do It's not formatting, but recovering the data first, and then linux recover deleted files usb stick formatting.

  1. Download the real free version of the mobile hard disk data recovery software linux recover hard drive via usb AuroraDataRecovery, and then open it, of course, the mobile hard disk must be plugged in, prompting to format linux software to recover hard drive it, don't format it.

  2. No need to install, it is a green software, just click the right mouse linux to recover apple hard drive button to run as an administrator.

  3. Find the partition of the mobile hard disk, for example, the G linux tools for hard drive recovery drive here is a mobile hard disk, and then double-click it.

  4. Then click the scan recovery button, linux tools to recover external hdd wait for the scan to complete, and then you can find the scanned data files of the mobile hard linux usb as a recovery tool disk in step 2, as shown in the figure below.

  5. Check these data files and folders, and then click linux usb live recover windows files the save file button, and select the storage path other than the G drive, such as the E drive in the loading windows with recovery usb lenovo hard drive.

  Then wait for the successful save to complete the data export, then go to the E drive locked laptop hard disk drive recovery to restore the f folder to see if the files are incomplete, after confirming that there is no problem, logical external hard drive data recovery you can decisively format the mobile hard disk, and then copy these files to the format This logical recovery of disabled hard drives problem is solved in the mobile hard disk after transformation.