Anguo AU6983 chip mass production USBCDROM detailed explanation of partition using AlcorMP 091202[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-25 06:40

  ★Easily existing problems:★

  ① The chip information can't be read, and Chip Genius can't see the move recovery in windows to a different hard drive correct chip information.The reason may be that the Chip Genius main control chip recognition software moving my win 7 oem recovery partition to usb version is too old. It is recommended to download the latest version of Chip Genius.

  ② When using msi recovery system with ssd and sata hard drives the Anguo AlcorMP mass production tool, it prompts "the mass production tool can't recognize the my external hard drive died how to recover dat a Flash type".The reason is also because the software version is too low, it is recommended to update my hard drive died can i recover the dat a the latest version of AlcorMP ().

  ③. Mass production fails. If you don't check "Uninstall driver my hard drive doesnt show up in recovery programs when closing MP", mass production will not work properly.!

  1. We first use the external hard drive my hard drive formatted can i recover my photos MP3 master chip identification software Chip Genius v3.01Look at the chip model and quickly find the my hard drive is frozen how much to recover corresponding mass production tool

  I have a external drive of Biaowang 2G!

  Download Chip Genius my hard drive is making clicking noises recover dat a v3.01After decompression, you will get three files as shown in the figure below, double-click to my hp envy win10 laptop can't boot usb recovery open Chip Genius

  After viewing with this software, as shown below:

  Get the following information:

my hp envy win10 laptop can't load usb recovery   Device name: [I:][J:]USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Autorun Disk USB Device)(Generic Flash Disk my pc would not boot from a recovery usb USB Device)

  PNP device ID: VID=058F PID=6387

  Device serial number: 5F

  Device version: 8.00/8.01 need to recover data ffom possibley infected hard drive

  Device type: Standard USB device-USB2.0 high speed

  Chip manufacturer: Alcor (Anguo)

  Chip model: need to save recovered data to need external drive AU6983

  Product manufacturer: Generic

  Product model: Autorun Disk

  Second, if we find the chip need windows 8 1 recovery disk download to usb model, we have to find a relative mass production tool!Specifically, you can find the corresponding no room on hard drive to recover external files mass production tools in the "Mass Production Tool Column":

  I downloaded AlcorMP v09.12.02

  The no usb drives or sd cards found chromebook recovery earlier mass production tool of AlcorMP () has three obvious characteristics:

  1. Provide support no way to recover files from hard drive laptop for chip model: AU6983.

  2. It is very convenient to avoid editing AlcorMP when integrating ISO image norton bootable recovery tool how to put on usb files.Inconvenience caused by ini.

  3. No need to run loaddrive after mass production.exe to nvidia shield tv recovery image on usb flash drive uninstall, you can uninstall by pressing the "eject" button in the original interface of the software.

office 2010 installed on seperate hard drive recovering key   3. Now we can start to prepare for mass production:

  Here I choose the CD image file that I edited ok google locate data recovery hard drive cell phone and made by myself, of course you can also click here to download.ISO file to mass produce USB-ROM

  ① on recovery page for.usb drive which category to pick Open AlcorMP, an Anguo mass production tool.exe, then insert the external hard drive, click the open source hard drive recovery software disable drive heads "set" button to enter the setting dialog box.The password is empty, directly click "OK" to enter the os bootable usb scan hdds and recover deleted files setting window.

  ★Note: Be sure to open the mass production tool first and then insert the external os x 10.12 sierra bootable usb install recovery medi a hard drive, otherwise it will prompt "The hub status changes, the mass production tool will be parallels resize hard disk is going to recovery drive closed, please remove all external hard drive tools"★

  ②. Select the "Memory Settings" tab in the partition data recovery software for hard disk usb cards opened "Settings Window" → you can see the Flash type in the memory category: Samsung K9GAG08U0D

  ★Note: partition my external hard drive removed my recovery partition If the Flash type in the memory category can't be recognized normally, mass production will not partition not found on external hard drive file recovery be possible.★

  ③. Select the "Device Mode Settings" tab in the opened "Settings Window" → select password recovery for windows 10 withour disc or usb "autorun" in the "Mode Settings" → default mode → select "in the pop-up "ISO Set" window."Select the pc doctor to recover data from failed hard drive system image file that has been prepared → click "OK" to confirm.

  ★Note: Don't change other status petetson avenue chicago recovering data from broken hard drive if you don't partition★

  ④Select the "Bad Sector Settings" tab in the opened "Settings Window" → check platters gone on hard drive can data be recovered "Uninstall the driver when closing MP" → click the "OK" button in the "Settings Window".

  ★Note: please insert a disk into usb drive recover dat a If you don't check "Uninstall driver when closing MP", mass production will not work properly.!

  ⑤ please insert a recovery usb stick or sd card Click start or start on the drive letter→mass production start

  ⑥The last step, do not rush to exit please insert proper boot device and reboot usb recovery after the prompt is successful, first click "Eject" and then exit the software.You're done!

  4. please remove all external devices to begin recovery chromebook Close the software, take out the external hard drive, and reinsert the external hard drive!Whee!! Did plug in laptop hard drive to pc to recover you see the fruits of your hard work?!