How to add the breathing light function to the mass production of the Lexar M10 capacity display external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-25 06:10

  I received a Lexar M10 16GB today. There is only one spot on TB and JD.Try to copy files to the remove write protection from hp usb recovery flash drive external drive, and found that the speed is very low 10M/S (USB3.0), the main control learned from the removing housing of external hard drive to recover dat a seller's picture (ChipGenius) that it was IS903, the mass production software saw that the firmware repair dell inspiron 5765 using created dell recovery usb was too old, and wanted to optimize it with the new firmware, and thought of the post about turning reset a hard drive from recovery partition windows 10 on the breathing light, so he turned on the breathing light, but But broke the electronic paper reset admin password on windows 10 with recover usb capacity meter.After several failures and modifications, we finally developed an exclusive mass production restore windows from recovery partition to new hard drive method for M10 that can not only turn on the breathing light, but also maintain the current speed restoring lenovo x201 using recovery on usb flash drive and volume meter functions.Share with everyone below.

  Note: Please backup the external hard drive retrieve deleted files from usb drive without recovery software data before performing this action!!!

  This is Lexar M10, which comes with 7 grids of capacity retrieve file external hard drive temporarily saved on computer meter

  1.Backup external hard drive Data.

  2.Download the latest IS903 mass production tool (preferably retrieve files from external ssd drive to internal hdd the new version just released in 2015, with good firmware optimization), I am using Yincan is903 retrieve files from usb stick not recognized on mac mass production tool v2 here.11.00.Version 94

  3.Unzip (required) and open the mass production tool, retrieving corrupted files from usb using cmd command prompt click on the search device, the interface should be like this;

  At this time, the external drive run first aid from recovery external hard drive mac light is always on, indicating that you have entered the DFU firmware upgrade mode. At this time, run first aid from recovery for external hard drive you can't access the external drive. That's why you need to back up the data first.

  4.The settings run first aid from recovery mac external hard drive are as follows (PS: IS903 true?M is strong, direct hardware support e-paper, Lexar can collude well? run first aid from recovery mojave external hard drive )

  The main setting password is IS0024 in uppercase;

  Write whatever you want in the blue box above, run first aid from recovery on external hard drive but there is a limit on the number of words.

  LED setting is the key, here must be set according safe365 external hard drive data recovery wizard license key to the above picture, so that there will be a breathing light effect.

  Check support DDR here, the samsung recovery not showing usb or sd card option setting here is the key to speed up.

  5.Don't care if you fail, let's get started!

  If mass samsung recovery software for note 5 with usb disabled production fails, F9, remove it after strong erasing.Otherwise, your external drive will be short-circuited samsung s7 data recovery black screen no usb debuggin because it can't load the firmware.!M10 is an ultrasonic package, it will be discarded as soon as samsung s7 usb debugging off broken screen data recovery the shell is opened!

  6.Wait, maybe you go to drink a big glass of water, and mass production will san diego usb hard drive disk data recovery californi a be finished when you come back, PASS, soon.

  7.Plug and unplug the device again, wait for the driver save bitlocker recovery key to usb for multiple computers to be reinstalled, and complete!

  Attachment: With so many bad blocks, is Lexar crazy with save recovered files to backup hard drive system files SpecTek?Is Lexar going to fall.(Previously, there was an S23 that used positive film at first, and then scan a recovery hard drive for windows activation keys SpecTek AL, which could tolerate it, and then simply SpecTek AR. The bad blocks were piled up and could seagatd hard drive lost all my file and retrieve not be tolerated.)

  Considering that bad blocks may increase in the future, my external drive has seagate external hard disk data recovery software free download reserved 96 good blocks in the capacity customization. Now it is "Panlink capacity" (that is, 14.4 seagate external hard drive data recovery software free download GB, which is 16GBx0.9. Most of Phison's masters are like this. The nominal capacity x0.9. Therefore, seagate external hard drive no files can be recovered it is jokingly called "Group Alliance Capacity")

  Never use the built-in encryption software!Very set up one key recovery after cloning hard drive unstable!Many foreign friends' data has been lost by it!

  After mass production, the speed is 24M/S setup your os then make a recovery usb drive writing, 140M/S reading, USB3.0 entry level.