Repair and expand the external hard drive to restore the actual capacitythe repair method of the fake external hard drive Super Micro Master[Win11 Solutions]

23 2021-08-25 06:00

  Recently, I bought a Kingston 16G external drive at the booth at the gate of the Pacific Ocean in secure data recovery's hard drive data recovery services Guangzhou for 130 yuan.I bought it because it felt cheaper. After I came back, I copied a 12G movie, send external hard drive somewhere to recover dat a and I was admitted normally. Later, when I read it, I found that many of them could not be read send in hard drive weels for data recovery normally.I can't see it a bit.I felt that it might be the legendary expanded external hard drive, so I setting up windows 10 from recovery usb drive found the external hard drive expansion detection tool MyDiskTest to test it, and it turned out that setup an external drive with a recovery partion the capacity is only 4G.

  Let's introduce how to restore the expanded 16G fake Kingston back to the silicon power sp usb flash drive recovery software real 4G capacity!

  1. First, check the chip of the external hard drive. Using the tool chipgenius, silicon power usb flash drive recovery for repairing many fake external hard drives for expansion on the Internet use this evil Super Micro.

  Device size of lenovo recovery disk windows 7 usb name: [F:]USB Mass Storage Device(USB2.0 Flash Disk USB Device)

  PNP device ID: VID=1221 PID=3234

   size of usb drive for windows 10 recovery Device serial number: E7E

  Device version: 2.20

  Device type: Standard USB device-USB2.0 high size of usb for windows 10 recovery drive speed

  Chip manufacturer: Ameco (Super Micro)

  Chip model: MXT8208

  Product manufacturer: USB2.0

  Product size of usb needed for chrome os recovery model: Flash Disk

  2. Through online search, it is found that the actual capacity of the size of usb to do recovery windows 10 external hard drive needs to be restored through the external hard drive mass production tool corresponding slaved hard drive only shown as recovery partition to the chip.The following is the external drive whose capacity has been successfully repaired!

  smartkey windows password recovery usb pirate bay torrent  Check and repair fake external hard drive, expand external hard drive, only 3 steps.

  1. Use software for data recovery from broken hard drives MyDiskTest to check whether it is an expanded external hard drive.

  2. Use chipgenius to check the chip software for formatted external hard drive data recovery of the external hard drive.

  3. Find the mass production tool corresponding to the chip and perform software for recover data from damaged hard drive mass production to restore the actual capacity.

  Remarks: The tools for repairing external drives software to recover bad sectors on hard drive in the external drive collection are generally not available.Such as Mformat, etc., may be caused by software to recover data from a hard drive the older program and the incompatible chip.The following tool set of Tenglou Manor is not bad, but software to recover data from bad hard drive there are advertisements.

  ================================================== ==================== software to recover data from corrupted hard drive ===========

  Knowledge about mass production

  1. What are mass production tools and what are their software to recover data from damaged hard drive functions?

  Volume refers to the meaning of batches, that is, mass production tools can produce software to recover data from damaged usb stick many external hard drives at one time, as long as you have enough USB holes.

  The mass production tool software to recover data from dead hard drive is a low-level software developed by the manufacturer for operating the main control chip of the software to recover data from formatted hard drive external hard drive. Its functions are:

  1) Low-profile external hard drive

  2) Production of encrypted software to recover data from hard drive free disks

  3) Partition, can produce read-only partition, change the external hard drive media type software to recover data from old hard drive (removabel and fixed)

  4) Mass production of USB-CDROM, this function can be used as a bootable software to recover data from portable hard drive CD

  The English abbreviation of mass production tool is MP Tool, and in more detail, it is Mass software to recover data from raw hard drive Production Tool, which means tool software for mass production.

  2. Does the external hard drive composed software to recover deleted files from hard drive of the card reader produce CDROM energy.

  No, maybe there will be such a card reader in the software to recover deleted files from usb drive future.

  3.Is mobile hard disk energy production.

  Not currently, Chipsbank is working on it, and it software to recover files from bad hard drive is said that it will come out next year.

  If such a tool really comes out, the sales of CD\DVD may software to recover files from corrupted hard drive drop drastically.

  4.Do all external hard drives produce energy.

  It should be, it depends on whether software to recover files from damaged hard drive there are suitable mass production tools released.The main control manufacturer must have it.

  5 software to recover files from dead hard drive .How to judge the external hard drive master control ?

  1) Use ChipGenius software to detect

  2) software to recover files from external hard drive The most accurate method-splitting

  6. What mass production tool is best to use?

  They are almost software to recover files from formatted hard drive the same, depending on whether they are familiar or unskilled.

  7. What to pay attention to when using software to recover files from laptop hard drive mass production tools?

  1) Don't be afraid, do it boldly, the external hard drive will not be software to recover lost data from hard drive broken.

  2) Mass production also often makes mistakes, such as the external hard drive becomes 8M, software to recover lost files from usb drive proceed again.

  8. What is the maximum CD-ROM output.

  Different versions, different brands, my 4G software to recover lost files in hard drive ICREATE can output more than 1G in volume.This technical indicator developer does not disclose.

  Now software to retrieve deleted files from hard drive some masters can already mass produce DVDs, which can reach 4G

  9. Is the higher the production solid state hard drive repair and data recovery tool version the better.

  Not necessarily, it depends on the type of external drive that supports sony recover auto deleted media from external drive you.

  10. What is the boot compatibility and speed of the mass-produced CDROM.

  Almost all new sony usb flash drive recovery tool free download motherboards will work. Old motherboards have USB-HDD or USB-ZIP, but CDROM will work; if the motherboard sony vaio windows 10 usb recovery drive torrent supports USB2.0 and turn on "high speed", external hard drive also supports USB2.0 This startup speed sound file recovery software for usb flash drive is very fast, for example, it is used to install WinXP

  11. Why can't different mass production sp usb flash drive recovery software free download tools be universal?

  The main difference is that the main control chips of different manufacturers special hardware to recover data failed hard drive have their own secret instructions and functions, which can't be used universally.

  12. Why do some start in recovery mode ps3 new hard drive CDROMs need to be booted twice to succeed

  This, please study it by experts. When it comes to the stellar phoenix hard drive recovery software free download BIOS content, the processing conditions of different BIOS are different. We do not have such an expert stellar phoenix mac data recovery external hard drive here.When BINBIN was waiting for CRACK VISTA, BIOS experts came forward and solved many problems. stellar photo recovering mac hard drive won't boot Of course, it was aimed at AWARD. As for AMI, there is no such public program.It would be great if stellar photo recovery mac hard drive won't decrypt the USBCDROM recognition problem is solved from the BIOS level.

  13. Where can I get mass production steps to recover data from a hard drive tools?

  1) From the website of the external hard drive manufacturer, the general master control steps to recover data from external hard drive developer gives them the master control.

  2) Download from the website of Digital Home, the update is stop windows 10 recovery cant see usb drive very fast and quite complete

  3) Search the network, including the network and here

  4) Make a surface 3 will not boot from recovery usb call or send an email request

  14. Can devices such as MP3 and MP4 be used as a boot disk?

  The surface pro 2 recovery usb from microsoft image hardware is basically the same, it's all right.Generally it can only be booted from USB-HDD

  15. How to surface pro 3 restore from usb recovery drive use the remaining space after mass production into CDROM?

  The remaining space will be recognized surface pro 3 windows 10 create recovery usb as an independent external hard drive, which can be made into a fixed disk for further partitioning; surface pro 4 recovery from usb bcd missing it can also be a removable disk.The remaining space can be used for startup or as a normal external surface pro 4 recovery from usb not working hard drive to store files.

  16. Can mass production tools run under VISTA?

  Currently not possible, surface pro 4 recovery from usb reset tpm there will be various errors under VISTA.

  17. If the CDROM produced by the test volume is surface pro 4 recovery usb on win 7 successful?

  After the mass production is completed, many people can't start it with a few machines. How system image recovery windows 10 desde usb original to determine whether it is successful.Very simple, use a virtual machine, select CDROM to start first system image recovery windows 7 new hard drive when starting the machine, if it succeeds, there is no problem with mass production

  18. A strange system image recovery windows 7 on external drive phenomenon (solved)

  Encountered a motherboard, the first USBCDROM boot was no problem, but the system recovery does not recognize hard drive vmware second time, it didn't work, it stopped, saying that there is no system.The solution is to reset the system recovery kit for consumer notebook 1 usb USBCDROM as the first boot in the BOOT sequence of the BIOS and save the BIOS

  19. What to do if system recovery to new hard drive windows 10 mass production fails and can't be remedied by software?

  Short-circuit the FLASH pin to restore to system recovery windows 10 usb format usb fat the factory state!

  Some programs can also be restored with corresponding tools.