How to install Win11 system on external hard drive [Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-25 04:50

  Here is how to install WIN10 system with external hard drive.I hope to be helpful.

  1.Insert the free photo recovery from hard drive prepared Chinese cabbage USB boot disk into the usb port (desktop users recommend plugging the free picture recovery from hard drive external hard drive into the usb port on the back of the host chassis), then restart the computer, when free portable hard drive recovery software the boot screen appears, use the boot shortcut to boot the external hard drive to boot Enter the free raw hard drive recovery software Chinese cabbage main menu interface, select "[02] Run Chinese cabbage Win8PE anti-blue screen version ( free recover data from usb drive new computer)" and press Enter to confirm the home of the external hard drive

  2.After successfully free recover data from usb stick logging in to the Chinese cabbage pe system desktop, the system will automatically pop up the Chinese free recovery data software hard drive cabbage PE one-click installation tool, click the "Browse" button to browse the win10 system image free recovery of external hard drive package stored in the external hard drive in advance.

  3.In the opening window that pops up, open free recovery of files for usb the win10 system image package stored in the Chinese cabbage USB boot disk. USB home

  4.After opening free recovery software formatted hard drive the system image package, return to the Chinese cabbage PE one-click installation tool window, free recovery usb iso no keyboard specify a disk as the system disk for installing win10, and then click the "OK (Y)" button. external free software data recovery usb drive hard drive Home

  5.In the pop-up confirmation prompt window, click the "OK (Y)" button to start the free software for hard drive recovery restoration of the system operation, and wait patiently for the completion of the system restoration free software recovery external hard disk until the computer restarts. external hard drive Home

  6.Wait patiently for the automatic system free software usb recovery not recognized installation process until the system installation is complete and enter the system desktop.

  The free toshiba canvio hard drive recovery method is introduced here.You can refer to and try if you need it. USB home

  How to install win10 free unlimited external hard drive recovery system on external hard drive?: