How to use SanDisk external hard drive data recovery and repair[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-25 04:20

  external hard drive is often used to store a lot of things, but sometimes a virus in the external how to make recovery usb into dvd hard drive or other reasons such as accidental deletion, etc. will delete many useful things. I regret how to make recovery usb mac 2015 it, but many external hard drives will have repair tools. Restore the data inside.Today I will how to make recovery usb windows 10 talk about the repair method.

  First download the RescuePRO software on this site, we just need to how to make recovery usb windows 7 open the compressed package and double-click the program file inside to start the installation.

  After how to make recovery usb windows 8 double-clicking the program file, a startup interface will appear, and then we have to install the how to make recovery usb windows 8.1 software to the computer hard disk to operate normally.

  Now select the language of the software how to make recovery windows 7 usb installation, and then click Next. There are many installation steps behind. Because it is very simple, how to make toshiba recovery usb c55 I will not describe it here.

  After the installation is complete, the main interface of the how to make usb malware recovery stick software will appear, which contains a lot of function lists. For example, if you want to restore a certain how to make usb recovery windows 10 photo file, click the photo recovery function in the picture.

  Then a list of your external hard how to make usb recovery windows 7 drive will appear, double-click the drive letter, and you will enter the recovery process.

  Now how to make usb recovery windows 8 the software starts to automatically search all the deleted photo files, if you find out, you can how to make usb recovery with avast restore them the picture shows.

  Wait until the recovery is complete, if you want to use how to make win 10 recovery usb the recovered files, click the icon of the output folder, and then open the folder where the recovered how to make win 10 usb recovery files are stored.

  Now the photo files you want to recover will appear in this folder, which how to make win 7 recovery usb is as convenient as operating local files.

  Recovering through this method may not necessarily be how to make windows 10 recovery usb able to recover successfully, because it also requires a lot of prerequisites.