How to mount WIM image through WimFltr component in WinPE mini system[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-25 04:00

  Microsoft Windows Imaging Format (WIM) image is a new type of image file of MS, which has the recovery software not seeing external disk characteristics of high compression ratio, convenient mounting, and small mounting memory.In XP/2K3 winpe, recovery software physically damaged hard drive by hooking WIM as an external program, the external program can be prevented from being damaged recovery surface pro 3 from usb by viruses and other factors, making the external program safer and more reliable, and at the same recovery tocomsat inet 4k via usb time making the externally issued WinPE packaged file smaller and more concise.

  1. WimFltr component recovery tool sim card usb adapter in WinPE:

  Support for mounting WIM files in the current WinPE is quite simple, no need to modify recovery toolbox for external hard drive TXTSETUP.SIF file, no need.INF file, just in the registry file (SETUPREG.HIV) Add two services and recovery tools for windows 10 usb copy two files to the SYSTEM32 directory and the DRIVERS directory. The following is the file list of recovery tools windows 10 usb download the WimFltr component:

  Second, use PECMD.Precautions for EXE mounting WIM image:

  After countless recovery tools windows 10 usb espaol experiments by the old nine, I got this experience: There is a sequence of opening WimFltr and FBWF recovery ubuntu 16.04 using live usb services in WinPE. The FBWF service must be started after WimFltr is started, otherwise the WIM recovery usb abs superbox prime hd image (including the IMAGEX of MS) can't be mounted.EXE can't mount WIM image, the reason is unknown). recovery usb boots to recovery screen Therefore, the WinPE core based on the IMG format should reserve appropriate writable space (about 5 recovery usb drive disappears while recovering 00K should be enough), and at the same time, delete some useless junk files after startup through the recovery usb drive for windows 10 FILE command in the configuration file as soon as possible; the WinPE core based on the ISO format recovery usb drive windows 8 1 should have A writable RamDisk (that is, B: Disk), because WIM can't be mounted to X: Disk when the recovery usb files with chrome os FBWF service is not started, and can only be mounted to RamDisk (B: Disk).The format of the MOUN recovery usb flash drive free download command is as follows:

  MOUN [Wim file name], , [Image ID], [WimFltr Temporary Working recovery usb flash drive not bootable Directory]

  Among them: the blue parameter is required, the red parameter is optional.

  1. If the WIM recovery usb flash drive windows 10 image is read-only (such as in the CD), the red parameter "WimFltr Temporary Working Directory" must recovery usb flash drive windows 8 be omitted, otherwise the WIM image can't be mounted.

  2. When the WimFltr temporary working recovery usb for asus gu501gm b17n8 directory is set, it means RW (read-write) mounting mode. It is recommended to set this directory to the recovery usb for every windows version hard disk; home of the external hard drive

  3. When the WimFltr temporary working directory is recovery usb for rca windows tablet omitted, it means that it is mounted in (read-only) mode, and the target directory after mounting is recovery usb for toshiba satellite laptop writable.

  3. Other matters needing attention:

  Once the WIM image is mounted, it is recommended not recovery usb for windows 8 1 to use other tools to read and write the original WIM image (including operations such as packaging recovery usb installed 8.1 not 10 with RAR); if the machine's memory is not large, it is recommended to set virtual memory and set the recovery usb iview i700 windows 8.1 temporary folder to the hard disk. USB home

  In the WinPE mini system, hang through the WimFltr recovery usb stick erstellen windows 8.1 component: