How to install system XP/Win11 with external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

23 2021-08-25 03:20

  Before installing the system, you need to prepare the following.One is the mirror image of the boot recovery usb windows 10 asus operating system, the other is the bootable external hard drive, and the last is the external hard drive boot recovery usb windows 7 home boot disk creation tool.Below we will explain how to install the ghost version of XP system WIN7, boot surface rt from recovery usb the same is true.

  The first is to make a bootable external drive with WinPE that can boot the boot to recovery usb windows 10 computer:

  First go to the Internet to download a software called "external hard drive Home Boot Disk boot to windows 10 recovery usb Creation Tool" to the hard disk, then plug the external hard drive into the computer, and then follow boot unraid vm to recovery usb the tutorial step by step to create a bootable external hard drive.[Detailed production steps]

  First: boot usb from recovery windows 10 Set the computer's first startup item to USB device startup

  In the past, when using CD-ROM to boot usb to recover windows files install the system, the startup item must be adjusted to the CD-ROM boot, but now we want to use boot webos recovery touchpad usb logo external hard drive to install the system, so we need to adjust it to external hard drive to boot.Regarding boot window from usb recovery drive this, different computers and different versions of the bios have different setting methods, boot windows 10 from recovery usb but they are all the same, the purpose is to make the computer's first boot item become external hard boot windows 10 using usb recovery drive boot.[Different types of bios settings start method].

  Second: Install XP with a bootable boot windows 7 recovery from usb external drive, and the same is true for WIN7.

  First insert the external drive with boot function boot windows 8.1 from usb recovery into the computer and then start from the external drive according to the above startup settings

  Third: boot windows from usb recovery dribe After starting the computer, you can see a selection menu, select "WinxpPE Lite"

  Wait for tens boot windows from usb recovery drive of seconds to enter WinPE

  Fourth: Then you will enter WinPE, a mini operating system running on a boot windows recovery from usb dell external drive (not on a computer's hard drive). It has many functions similar to XP. With it, we boot windows vista recovery from usb can do whatever we want with the computer.C drive can be formatted (when formatting, choose a good bootable easyre recovery usb stick drive format, that is, what is the file system to be installed, NTFS or FAT32)

  Fifth: Use WinPE on the bootable hard drive data recovery software external hard drive to format the C drive in the computer and start another WinPE software, Norton bootable hard drive recovery software free Ghost.Use it to restore the ghost image of the system to the C drive of the previously formatted bootable linux usb to recover files computer.(Here introduces the ghost image, download the ghost version of the system image ISO format on the bootable mac recovery usb from windows Internet, use the decompression file to extract the WINXPSP3.Decompress the GHO file to the specified bootable recovery usb flash drive mac folder, and the external drive can also be used; copy to the external drive must be done after the bootable recovery usb windows 8 1 boot disk is copied)

  The next step is the same as the usual installation steps using GHOST

  1: bootable usb data recovery open source Click GHOST on the desktop directly or open it according to the legend

  2: After starting GHOST, the bootable usb image with recovery tools method of use is no different from the usual use of GHOST to restore the system.First select Local, bootable usb linux to recover files then Partition, then From Image, and then find the WINXPSP3 you unzipped.Select GHO, then select bootable usb password recovery windows 7 the hard disk to be restored, and then select the partition to be restored.

  3: Find the image file bootable usb recover data corrupt os (this file is decompressed from the image file or copied from the CD, and must be placed in the root bootable usb recovery disk windows 7 directory of the partition or external hard drive)

  4: Select the disk to be recovered

  5: Select bootable usb recovery disk windows xp the partition you want to restore to

  6: After all the previous selections are done, a dialog box bootable usb recovery drive windows 10 will pop up asking if you want to restore the specified GHO image to the C drive of the computer, bootable usb recovery drive windows 7 click yes to do it.

  8: Restart the computer after the recovery is complete

  9: After restarting, set bootable usb recovery mac mini osx to start the system from the hard disk and start reinstalling.

  When the GHOST image is restored, bootable usb to recover windows 10 you can restart to enter the reinstallation system.At this point, the installation of the operating bootable usb windows 10 recovery download system with the external hard drive is complete!You can forget about the trouble of not being able bootable usb windows 10 recovery image to install the operating system without a CD-ROM drive.(PS: Since the entire process is to read data bootable usb windows 7 recovery disk in the hard disk, the installation speed is much faster than installing with a CD.)

  In fact, this bootable usb windows 8 1 recovery is just one of the ways to install the system with a external hard drive. There are many other ways bootable windows 7 recovery usb drive to install the system. This article will not give examples one by one.Perhaps you have discovered bootable windows xp recovery console usb carefully that with this bootable external drive, you no longer need to be afraid that after the system booting my recovery partition from usb crashes, important data is saved in the C drive and can't be saved, because as long as you start booting windows 10 from recovery usb WinPE with the external drive, you can go in and save the important data. Backup to other partitions.(This booting windows 10 with recovery usb article is suitable for users whose system is paralyzed and can't enter the system. It is bootloop no recovery no usb debugging suitable for the ghost version of the system mirror. For the original Microsoft installation version, bot from usb recovery flashing screen please see this tutorial)


  WinPE allows you to create and boxee box recovery can't find usb format hard disk partitions, and gives you access to NTFS file system partitions and internal network broken external hard disk data recovery permissions.This pre-installation environment supports all mass storage devices that can be driven broken external hard drive recovery free by Windows 2000 and Windows XP, and you can easily add drivers for new devices.Supports file COPY, broken external hard drive recovery software deletion and partition formatting operations of Fat, Fat32, and NTFS system partitions.

  WinPE can broken hard drive data recovery cost also be understood as a small Windows XP SP2 system. Just like ordinary Windows operating system, you broken hard drive data recovery mac can use the mouse to operate it. It also has a start menu, a desktop. Now there are WINXPPE, WIN200 broken hard drive data recovery service 3PE, WIN7PE, etc., and the compatibility of each version has been since childhood. When it grows up, broken hard drive data recovery software the external hard drive maintenance system is now equipped with WINPE, DOS and other tools. Almost broken hard drive data recovery uk a disk is left in the world, and there are also external drives that can boot and put the system on broken hard drive recovery free software the Internet.