[Fixed] decompressed file on the external hard drive is damaged [Win11 Solutions]

34 2021-08-25 03:10

  What to do if the decompressed file on the external hard drive is damaged?

  When we are using the enable usb debugging via recovery mode external hard drive to decompress the file, it prompts that the file is damaged. What is the situation. enable usb debugging via recovery samsung

  Today I will share with you this solution.

  The reason is the following possibilities.

   enable usb debugging via stock recovery 1. There was a problem when compressing the file, which caused some files to be missing, so it could enabling usb debugging using recovery mode not be opened normally. Naturally, it could not be compressed normally.!

  2. When packing and storing enble usb debug through recovery reboot the package, the RAR compressed package is damaged due to different decompression software versions, encrypted hard drive data recovery software server storage quality and other elements.

  3. The transmission condition is not good, for equipment for data recovery hard drives example, the connection is interrupted during the process of unzipping the package and copying it to the equipment to recover hard drive files computer.Will directly cause damage to the unzipped package file!

  4. The name of the compressed erase mac hard drive recovery mode package is garbled when the external network disk is changed, which may also cause the decompression erase usb data recovery wizard full to fail.

  Solution: Home of external drive

  The first situation: you can use the method of modifying error creating win 10 recovery usb the registry and using the software, compared with the registry repair method, the risk is esxi windows vm boot recovery usb greater.external hard drive data recovery software is much more convenient.

  The second case: It is best everett wa hard drive data recovery to use the same decompression software, so as to avoid the situation where the decompression package exfat external hard drive recover dat a software is different or the version is different.

  The third case: During the transfer of the explain recover data from external drive external hard drive file, you must not terminate or disconnect the external hard drive from the computer exteranl hard driver data recover services at will, so that the data surface of the decompressed package shows the size of the original file, external drive adapter with recovery mode but in fact only half of it is copied, so This kind of decompression package can't be decompressed external drive data recovery boston university normally.

  Case 4: Modify the name of the decompressed package to the correct name.

  Unified repair external drive data recovery mac free method: Open the compressed file with a decompression tool such as WINRAR, select the tool, choose external drive data recovery software free to repair the compressed file, and the new compressed file will be restored, just unzip the new external drive data recovery software freeware compressed file.(The premise must be that the packager provides a recovery record when packaging).Then external drive recovery cost best buy right-click to open the compressed package, double-click the preferred HI-FI folder, select the external drive recovery for windows 7 unzipped file with the wrong package, right-click-unzip to the specified folder, and quickly press the external drive recovery software free download pause button after unzipping to 97%---98%.Then open the specified folder you unzipped: then copy the external failed hard drive data recovery unzipped file first-save it in another place.(Be sure not to paste it in a folder), this is equivalent external fixator vs cast recovery time to extracting the file.The advantage of this is that it can protect most of the files inside. external hard disc drive data recovery Although it is a bit lossy, if your unzipped package contains audio files, it will have little effect. external hard disk 2tb data recovery

  The repair methods for the damage of the external hard drive decompression package file are the external hard disk corrupted data recovery above, I believe there are more good methods waiting for us to discover.As long as there is no problem external hard disk corrupted recovery software with the external hard drive hardware, all software reasons can be repaired by manual operation and external hard disk crash data recovery with the help of software.

  What to do if the decompressed file on the external hard drive is external hard disk crash recovery software damaged?: