The easiest way to make an Excel spreadsheet[Win11 Solutions]

33 2021-08-25 03:00

  Excel itself is a table tool, so it is the most convenient and quick to use Excel to make a table. hp stream windows 10 recovery usb Let's take Excel2016 as an example to teach you the fastest way to create a table.

  1. Open an empty hp system recovery external hard drive Excel table, and then directly drag the mouse to select according to the number of rows and columns hp system recovery usb windows 10 of the table we need, as shown in the figure below, after selecting, click on the middle toolbar hp system recovery usb windows 8 to apply the table format.

  2. Then choose a table style you like. As shown in the figure below, hp system recovery windows 10 usb there are more choices, divided into light color, medium depth, and dark color. You can choose according hp system recovery windows 7 usb to your own preferences.

  3. Then you will be asked to choose whether to include the title or hp system recovery windows 8 usb not, generally you can check it.

  4. Then automatically apply the style to build the table, as shown hp tpn q154 usb recovery download in the figure below, the colors and table borders are already there, we only need to fill in the hp trouble booting through recovery usb column names, and the row names will do.

  5. If you want to build a table with more obvious rows and hp usb flash disk recovery utility columns, you can use the following method and use the tool to merge cells to achieve it. You can merge hp usb flash drive online recovery the cells in the first row of the table to fill in the title

  6. The second and third rows of the hp usb flash drive recovery tool first column are merged, and the merged cell is placed on the left, and then the header names of the hp usb flash drive recovery utility two tables are filled in, two with a carriage return to wrap, and the upper one uses a space to hp usb recovery drive windows 10 move the text to the right a bit , And then use the toolbar<插入>, Click [Shape], select a straight line, hp usb recovery drive windows 8 and then pull the straight line diagonally to draw a line, and other items can be realized with the hp usb recovery flash disk utility function of merging cells.

  This kind of more traditional form is ready.

  Summary: Whether it is hp usb recovery tool windows 10 applying table styles or using tools to make characteristic tables, excel can easily implement it. hp usb recovery tool windows 7 Everyone can learn by practice. Generally speaking, it is relatively simple.