Huirong chip universal external hard drive mass production of seven CDROM tutorials[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-25 02:10

  I believe students who play external hard drive mass production know that the biggest function of retrieving deleted files on external hard drive mass production besides repairing external hard drive is mass production of cd-rom boot disk, which retrieving files from a broken hard drive can separate the external hard drive into a separate partition to make a cdrom boot disk, similar retrieving files from a corrupted hard drive Compared with the previous CDs, this partition can't be formatted or deleted and can only be read, so retrieving files from a reformatted hard drive it is safe. Did you know that a external hard drive can make 7 cd-rom boot disks, that is to say, retrieving files from broken external hard drive divide the external hard drive into 8 partitions. Seven are different cdrom disks, and the rest is a retrieving files from damaged external hard drive external hard drive. In fact, the external hard drive controlled by Huirong can be realized at present, retrieving files from external hard drive mac but other masters can't. Then I will introduce you to make 7 cdroms by Huirong universal external retrieving files from non partitioned hard drive hard drive. Tutorial.

  1. First, you have to prepare a external drive controlled by Huirong. The review 2019 best hard drive recovery programs main control model is not limited. As long as it is Huirong, you can use ChipGenius to detect whether run data recovery external drive won't boot the external drive is a Huirong chip or not, and prepare 7 different iso formats. System mirror, of run data recovery software from a usb course, if you just want to try it, you can also use an iso mirror to make 7 identical cdroms.

  The run first aid from recovery external drive example uses a 16G Huirong SM3257ENAA master external hard drive, the system is win10.

  2. Software run first aid from recovery external drivemojave to be prepared:

  1. Huirong mass production tool (try to use the new version, the principle is run windows 10 dism from recovery usb as long as you can mass produce your external hard drive successfully)

  Huirong General V2 for run windows xp recovery console from usb example.5.63 v1 version Q1206 version mass production tool;

  2. MySDKTest (used to write ISO image files), running vaio recovery media from usb failed can also be replaced with SMITools;

  3. First, you need to mass-produce the external drive with safe365 external hard drive data recovery wizard a external drive mass production tool to test whether the mass production tool is compatible with the samsung galaxy s7 recovery without usb debugging external drive, and then follow the steps in the picture below:

  1. Click to find the external samsung j5 data recovery without usb debugging hard drive, enter the debug mode, enter the password 1111

  2. Click enable all function to turn on all samsung note 3 mount usb stock recovery functions and enter the password 1111

  When there is no content on the right side, you need to samsung recovery 7.3 ver usb admin tool click the << arrow to the left.

  3. Select 32 as shown below, and then click read cid to read cid

  4 samsung recovery apply update from external storage . Here is the key to dividing the 7 areas. Fill in the data in the box below reasonably, then click samsung recovery solution 5 admin tool usb write cid to save the data, and then close the 7 cdrom windows that are divided

  Let's talk about samsung recovery solution admin tool usb download the filling of the color box data in step 6 in detail:

  Blue box: Number of disk partitions | Location: samsung recovery solution not showing usb drive , where the hexadecimal data 00=1 partition, 01=2 partitions, 02=3 partitions, 03=4 partitions, samsung s2 portable external hard drive recovery 04=5 partitions, 05=6 partitions, 06=7 partitions.

  Orange box: Disk partition mode | Location: A, samsung s2 portable hard drive data recovery where the hexadecimal data 34=mixed partition mode (If you want to divide multiple CD-ROMs, multiple samsung s8 data recovery without usb debugging standard flash memory partitions or various mixed partitions, you can fill in 34).

  Brown box: Disk san diego crashed hard drive data recovery partition type | Location: B-, where hexadecimal data 54=CD-ROM, 50=standard flash memory partition, san diego hard drive data recovery californi a 51=read-only partition (a total of 7 54 is filled in, which means that 7 partitions are all in sandisk ultra usb dead 3 0 recovery turn Set to CD-ROM).

  Green box: Disk partition capacity | Location: E4-E6-the capacity of the second satellite l645d s4056 hard drive deletions recovery partition;

  E8-EA-the capacity of the third partition;

  EC-EE-the capacity of the 4th partition;

sd instead of usb for windows recovery   F0-F2-the capacity of the fifth partition;

  F4-F6-the capacity of the 6th partition;

  F8-FA-the seagate 1tb external hard drive data recovery capacity of the 7th partition.

  The hexadecimal data =768MB.

  Capacity of the first partition:

  The seagate 2tb external hard drive data recovery capacity of the first partition is actually the remaining capacity of 2 to 7 partitions, so there seagate 2tb external hard drive recovery tool is no need to set it separately.For example, the actual capacity of my 16Gexternal hard drive is seagate 500gb external hard drive data recovery about MB, -768x6=, rounded down to MB.Therefore, in the first part, you can upload a disk image with a seagate 7200.11 hard drive data recovery tool maximum size of MB (it should actually be larger than this value, so write less here to be safe).

  seagate barracuda 7200 11 hard drive recovery  Conversion from decimal to hexadecimal:

  768MB (decimal) = 300 (hexadecimal), 300 (hexadecimal) X8 seagate barracuda 7200.11 hard drive recovery adapters (hexadecimal) = 1800 (hexadecimal) = (hexadecimal), or write like this

  768MB=300(HEX) ,300(HEX)*8 seagate data recovery on clicking hard drive (HEX)=1800(HEX)=(HEX)

  3400MB=0D48(HEX), 0D48(HEX)* 8(HEX)=6A40(HEX)=006A40(HEX)

  5000MB=1388(HEX) seagate dfs data recovery usb tool kit , 1388(HEX)* 8(HEX)=9C40(HEX)=009C40(HEX)

  Use calculator to convert in Windows: click to view-programmers seagate external hard disk data recovery software switch to advanced calculator, and then fill in decimal number according to the number of MB, seagate external hard disk data recovery tool and then click hexadecimal to calculate the corresponding value hex.

  The data in the green box seagate external hard drive data recovery mac in the above picture is filled with , this is just for the convenience of demonstration.In fact, you seagate external hard drive recovery home depot need to fill in the size according to the actual situation, as long as the preset capacity of the seagate external hard drive recovery software free disk is greater than the size of the image file.

  In fact, it can be divided into 6 CD-ROMs + 1 standard seagate goflex external hard drive data recovery flash memory partition, 7 standard flash memory partitions or other mixed partitions. The methods seagate portable hard drive recovery disk repair are similar.

  5. After exiting the mass production tool, unplug and reinsert the external hard seagate recover files from external hard drive drive, and then open another software MySDKTest. As shown in the figure below, select the first drive send out external hd for data recovery letter as J. Here is the first external hard drive partition, then select format function, and then send out external hdd for data recovery select format function according to each Select a different iso image for each partition to write and send your hard drive to get recovered click update iso.

  6. Repeat the above steps, select different partitions and write different iso set up dell recovery and restore usb images. Note that after the last one is written, wait for windows to recognize all drive letters setting up a chromebook recovery usb drive before writing one down, until each cdrom is written into the iso Succeeded.

  Summary: In fact, there shadow protect spx recovery from external drive is no risk in this method. The partition is completely changed. For Huirong's friends who control silicon power usb flash drive recovery software the external hard drive, this method is very advanced to make a boot disk. You can divide it into as site reddit com usb recovery free software many cdroms as you need. No worries about startup compatibility.