How to fix the files on the external hard drive have become shortcuts How to prevent it[Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-25 01:40

  I took the external drive and printed it out. When I came back and used it again, I found that the macbook pro internet recovery new hard drive two folders in the external drive became shortcuts. The other files were all pictures, and they macbook pro new hard drive internet recovery seemed to be the same as before, so I just closed them after I found them. The external drive pops up macos crashed hard drive data recovery software normally, and it is found that the computer has not been poisoned yet. I don't know how to deal with made usb recovery now need it signed it. Please ask everyone for help. Thank you.!Because there are so many important files on the computer, make a bootable windows 7 recovery usb I didn't dare to move it easily, so I shut it down.

  When my colleague's computer plugs in the make a mac os x recovery usb file, it becomes a shortcut, how can I get it.

  Sometimes the folders in the external drive become make a mac recovery usb on windows shortcuts. What is the reason.This is due to a folder shortcut virus in the external hard drive, also make a recovery boot usb windows 7 known as "1kb shortcut virus".This folder shortcut virus will hide all the folders under the root make a recovery usb for dell 7350 directory, and then create a folder shortcut with the same name in the same location. Just double-click make a recovery usb for surface 2 the shortcut, although the computer will open the previously hidden folder, but At the same time, make a system recovery usb windows 7 a virus (file with the suffix vbs) was run, so the external hard drive was also poisoned.So how to make a usb recovery disk windows 10 delete and repair the poisoned files?

  At this time, you can download and open the external hard make a usb recovery disk windows 7 drive antivirus expert software (click the name to download), select the object to be scanned, and make a usb windows 10 recovery disk then click "Start Scan".After scanning, the external hard drive antivirus expert will check and kill make a windows 10 bootable recovery usb the folder shortcut virus and display the virus and the processing result.

  Select "Repair System" make a windows 10 password recovery usb in the external hard drive Special Kill, you can select "Clear Virus Shortcuts and Restore Hidden make a windows 10 recovery usb drive Folders", if the external hard drive has other problems, you can also select "Select All" and click make a windows 10 recovery usb lenovo "Start Repair".

  The external drive tool can not only remove the folder shortcut virus and solve the make a windows 10 recovery usb online problem that the folder becomes a shortcut, it can also unlock the external drive, and solve the problem make a windows 7 recovery usb drive of "can't stop the device" when the external drive is unplugged, and better Protect the safety make a windows 8 1 recovery usb of external hard drive.

  After removing the virus, you can run CMD, and enter attrib -h -sx:* in the make asus laptop recovery usb from dvd command prompt window that pops up.* /S /D command, please replace the X in the command line with make asus rog recovery usb from dvd the actual drive letter of your external hard drive. This command means to remove the hidden and system make bootable recovery usb foracbook kn windows attributes of all files and folders in the corresponding disk or partition. Of course, the shortcut make bootable recovery usb windows 8 1 kills There is more than one soft, you can also try 360.

  If you don't want to download a special make bootable usb from dell recovery partition anti-virus software, you can also modify the configuration to solve it. This way can also prevent make bootable usb from mac recovery partition your external hard drive from being attacked again:

  Click the "Tools" button on the menu bar, and make bootable usb from recovery partition mac then click "Folder Options." on the drop-down menu, a dialog box as shown below will pop up.

  Remove make mac os recovery usb on windows the check mark in front of "Hide protected operating system files", click "Show all files and make usb recovery disk for windows 10 folders", and then click the "OK" button at the bottom of the dialog box. Will show up.As shown in the make usb recovery disk from damaged hdd figure below, the red line is the original folder.

  The solution is as follows:

  1. Delete the make usb system recovery disk windows 7 extension ".vbs" file.

  2. Delete the shortcut in the form of a folder with an arrow.

  3. Show hidden make use of win 10 recovery usb files!So far, the problem is solved.

  In response to this virus in the past few days, the following make win 10 recovery usb in win7 situation has been discovered in the work: the method provided above can be operated under the system make windows 10 recovery disk not usb that is not infected by the virus, but the method can't effectively solve the problem under the make windows 10 recovery usb after crash premise that the system is already infected. Add the following!

  Step 1: Confirm that the automatic make windows 10 recovery usb from iso playback function of the machine has been turned off.The operation steps to turn off the system's make windows 10 recovery usb on mac automatic playback function are as follows:

  1. Click "Start"-"Run" in turn, the "Run" dialog box pops make windows 7 recovery usb on mac up, enter "gpedit.msc", click OK.As shown below.

  2. In the pop-up "Group Policy" window, click " make windows 8 usb recovery usb bootable Computer Configuration"-"Administrative Templates" in front of the "+" sign, expand "Administrative make windows 8.1 recovery usbfor another pc Templates", click on the word "System" under it ; Find "Turn off autoplay" in the items listed on the make windows recovery usb for any pc right, and double-click on the words "turn off autoplay".As shown below.

  3. In the pop-up "Turn make windows recovery usb on a mac off AutoPlay Properties" dialog box, select "Enabled", click "All Drives" in the "Turn off AutoPlay" making a recovery usb for asus notebook range selection box below, and then click OK.As shown below.

  Step 2: Insert the external hard drive making a recovery usb for windows 10 into the computer, do not double-click to open "My Computer", use "winrar.exe" program to open the making a recovery usb for windows 7 external hard drive.Methods as below:

  After inserting the external hard drive into the computer, making a windows 7 recovery disk usb click "Start"-"Programs"-"winrar"-"winrar" in turn to open "winrar".The main window of the "exe" malva style usb repair download for pc program.As shown below.

  Click the "Back to the previous level button" all the way until the C, D, E, manual recovery of external hard drive files and F disks are listed below the button, find our external hard drive, double-click to open it, and micro sd data recovery usb cord forum you can see all the files and folders in our external hard drive. Whether it is hidden or not.Find microsoft recover data from external hard drive the virus file and delete it. The virus has two virus files, one of which is "******.vbs", the other microsoft recovery usb drive different hard drive is "autorun.inf", if you see it, delete it.To show the files in the original disk, you can see the microsoft recovery usb drive new hard drive nature and process of the virus infection in this way, and solve the problem.

  Finally, there is a microsoft recovery usb drive or media creator way to solve the problem by command, friends who are interested can try:

  This kind of small virus microsoft surface 32gb windows rt recovery usb is normal. The virus hides your folder, and then changes it to a shortcut to confuse you. First delete microsoft surface pro 3 usb recovery drive the shortcut directly, and then you can restore the hidden folder. The method is as follows:

  Copy microsoft surface pro 4 usb recovery drive the following code into a new text document and save it as.bat format, just run it directly in the microsoft windows 10 surface usb recovery drive external hard drive.


  Echo external hard drive minimum disk space for usb recovery drive hidden folder recovery


  rem echo list directories

  dir minitool 6 8 recover hard drive dat a /a:d /b >yxkmp4dir.TXT

  rem echo lists all files outside the directory

  rem dir /a:s /a:- minitool partition wizard mac hard drive recovery d /b

  for /f "tokens=* delims=" %%i in (yxkmp4dir.TXT) do call :ss "%%i"

  Echo is all repaired, minitool power data recovery undetected hard drive thank you for using!

  echo is repairing folder %var% .

  attrib -s -h -r %var%

  This is a batch file, moto z play recovery mode usb enable of course, you can also manually repair the hidden folders one by one in the DOS command: attrib mount disk windows 10 cmd recovery usb file name -r -s -h (the three attributes are: read-only, system hidden), it's OK. It's too much trouble mount internal harddrive through windows recovery usb if there are too many files.

  The above three methods can perfectly solve the problem of external move dell recovery partition new hard drive hard drive files becoming shortcuts. There must be a good way to solve it.