Xia Ke external hard drive Huirong SM3271AC mass production repair successful tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-24 23:30

  The cheap xiake Xiako external drive that I bought recently was broken, and other external drive windows 10 recovery drive usb size needed repair tools were unsuccessful, so I had to use mass production methods to repair it. As a result, windows 10 recovery drive usb wont work this external drive is a weird thing, and no version of Huirong mass production tool is available. windows 10 recovery from external hard drive Recognizing the flash memory, it seems that this flash memory is not ordinary. Combined with the price windows 10 recovery image for usb key of the external hard drive, it is estimated to be a black chip tlc, so the focus is on the mass windows 10 recovery mode usb backup software production tool of Huirong black chip, but it still does not recognize it. It should be that the flash windows 10 recovery not booting from usb memory is newer and black. For the colloidal external drive, you can't see what type of flash memory windows 10 recovery ntfs or fat usb it is. You must use a new mass production tool, and finally found it. As a result, this version of windows 10 recovery to new hard drive the mass production tool can recognize this flash memory, which means that no other flash memory will windows 10 recovery usb 64 bit download work. If you are this external drive, you must use this tool. The mass production setting is actually windows 10 recovery usb after installing linux nothing special. The key is the version of the mass production tool. In addition, there are two windows 10 recovery usb blank blue screen types of xiake external drives. One is detected as AI, and the main control does not display. Yes, you windows 10 recovery usb delete my files can try the AI UDiskUpdateTool mass production tool, and the other is the following Huirong master windows 10 recovery usb disk command prompt control.

  1. Then download the mass production tool first: SM3271 R0209 black film mass windows 10 recovery usb disk not booting production tool

  2. If you are not sure whether your external drive is the master controller, you windows 10 recovery usb does not boot can use ChipGenius to check it first. You can also see it in the above picture. The black colloidal windows 10 recovery usb doesn t work external drive can't see the master controller and flash memory model at all. You must use a tool windows 10 recovery usb download 32 bit to detect it. , Xiake external hard drive test results are as follows:

  You can see that the main windows 10 recovery usb download 64 bit control is Huirong SM3271AC1, and the flash memory is Hynix tlc.

  3. Then open the mass production windows 10 recovery usb download microsoft com tool, you can see that the flash memory and external hard drive have been recognized, unlike other mass windows 10 recovery usb download no wmi production tools that can't be recognized.

  4. The mass production setting password is empty, enter windows 10 recovery usb download on mac directly, and then all the parameters are not changed, just set to low format, just like the setting windows 10 recovery usb download version 1803 in the figure below, pay attention to check the box to enable the maximum ECC.

  5. Because it windows 10 recovery usb download version 1809 is a black film, the mass production time is particularly long, usually 2 hours, so regardless of windows 10 recovery usb drive kills usb whether it is successful, it will be prompted to open the card.

  6. If the mass production fails and windows 10 recovery usb fat32 or ntfs the disk is not recognized, short-circuit the USB negative pole and the lower left contact, plug it windows 10 recovery usb for another computer in and recognize that the disk is disconnected, and then mass-produce again, so don't be afraid, just windows 10 recovery usb for another pc mass-produce until it succeeds.