How to improve the reading and writing speed of External external hard drive in Win11[Win11 Solutions]

42 2021-08-24 22:50

  Many people may not know that the read and write speed of the mobile hard disk does not run at the ubuntu recover data from crashed hard drive maximum speed by default, why.Because for the life of the hard disk and data security, the default ubuntu recover data from encrypted hard drive setting is to quickly delete the mobile hard disk, that is to say, the mobile hard disk can be unplugged ubuntu recover data from external hard drive without manually deleting the mobile hard disk without damaging the mobile hard disk itself and ubuntu recover deleted files from usb drive data, so generally Whether it is usb2.0 or 3.0 mobile hard disk, the speed of writing data is not ubuntu recover files from damaged hard drive the maximum, so if you only want the maximum copy speed, and remember to manually delete the mobile ubuntu recovery mode move files onto usb hard disk after the copy is completed, it is recommended to set it in the following way. Less read and ubuntu usb boot windows 7 password recovery write speed.

  To usb3.Take the 0 mobile hard disk as an example, the usb interface is also usb3.0 ubuntu usb not recognizing with chromebook recovery , this is the read and write speed test before setting:

  The following is the read and write speed uefi bootable usb acronis backup recovery 11 of the mobile hard disk after setting, it can be seen that it has been significantly improved by 20% unable to boot windows 10 recovery usb

  Here is how to set it up:

  1. Right-click this computer on the desktop, and then click Disk unable to create a dell recovery usb Management

  2. Find your mobile hard disk in the Disk Management dialog box, usually Disk 2, select it, unable to create recovery usb windows 10 click the right mouse button, and then click Properties.

  3. Then click the strategy button as shown unable to create usb recovery windows 10 below

  4. Then you can see that the quick delete option is selected by default.

  5. We need to unable to recover anything from hard drive choose a better performance option, and check to enable write caching on the device, as shown in the unlimited usb data recovery software free download figure below.

  6. Through the above settings, copying data to the mobile hard disk has improved the unrecognizable hard drive recover files without formatting speed a lot, but after this setting, you must remember that after each use of the mobile hard disk, unrevoked com recovery android usb driver zip remember to delete the hardware, click the right as shown in the figure below The mobile hard disk upgrade hard drive windows 10 keep recovery icon in the lower corner, and then click to eject the usb XX device, which is your mobile hard upgraded 8 1 to 10 recovery usb disk.

  7. When you see the prompt to safely remove the hardware, it means you can pull out the mobile usb 2.0 not working after system recovery hard disk, so as to ensure the life of the mobile hard disk and data security.

  Summary: In other usb 3 0 driver for windows recovery words, if you want a fast copy speed, you must manually remove the mobile hard disk every time. If you usb 3 0 hard drive data recovery don't need to manually remove it every time, you must sacrifice the read and write speed. You can usb all data recovery software free download choose to use it according to your own habits. Can.