How to adjust the ECC size for mass production of the external hard drive controlled by Yincan[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-24 22:30

  If you don't pay attention to the external drive controlled by Yincan, you don't know where to the windows version on recovery usb is not compatible adjust the ECC. The disk can't pass the urwtest capacity test, that is, some of the capacity can't be tips on recovering data from a broken usb drive read or written, so in order to make the external hard drive have no bad blocks, we need to adjust the to usb recovery cho win 10 theo chuan uefi ecc and then mass produce it, and many mass production tools can't by default. Adjusted, so we are todo backup recovery disk does not recognize usb mouse looking for some adjustable versions, such as Yincan IS903 mass production tool to support more flash tool used to recover data of a hard drive memory upgraded version with this function.

  The method to adjust the size of ecc is top 10 data recovery software for external hard drive to insert the external hard drive, open the mass production tool, open the mass production settings, top 5 usb utilities for pc repair and recovery click the edit button, enter the password IS0024, and then see the interface like the following top rated recover formatted external hard drive new york figure, check not to scan the original bad blocks, and then check Select the scan checkbox, open the toshiba external hard drive and finding data recovery android card after scanning and tick it, click scan settings to adjust the ecc size, as shown in the figure toshiba external hard drive data recovery software free download below, ecc selects 10 to 15 so that the setting is more appropriate.

  The picture below is a screenshot toshiba hard drive recovery won't let me select yes of the capacity test failing the urwtest test after the ecc mass production is not set.

  The toshiba recovery disk 1 get rejected new hard drive figure below is a screenshot of the number of bad blocks after the successful mass production after ecc toshiba recovery media creator using an external hard drive adjustment: You can see that the number of bad blocks has decreased to 345, and there were more than toshiba satellite hard drive recovery process has been selected 10,000 before.

  The following is the detection information of this external hard drive, you can toshiba satellite recovery disk download windows 8 free usb see that the main control is IS903, and the flash memory is MLC.

  The figure below is the urwtest transcend usb drive recovery software 3 0 1 5 capacity test result of the mass-produced external hard drive after ecc adjustment. You can see that transfer mac hd to external drive from recovery disk it has passed the test.

  If the mass-produced product fails the urwtest, but can pass the h2testw tricks to recover data from a bad hard drive test, you can try to set the safety mode 2 for mass production and enhance the stability 4 for mass trying to clear hard drive freezes at factory recovery production.