How to install Win11 in external hard drive or External external hard drive to work[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-24 21:50

  How to install Windows 8 in a external drive or removable hard drive: Install Windows 8 in a external external hard drive data recovery tucson drive or removable hard drive. Of course, you need a external drive or removable hard drive (more external hard drive data recovery tuls a than 5G). If you use a external drive, download the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool The software external hard drive data recovery uk turns Windows 8 DP ISO into a bootable bootable disk.If it is a mobile hard disk, the following settings external hard drive data recovery utah are required:

  1.Computer-right click-manage-disk, make sure there is a partition in the hard external hard drive data recovery vancouver disk with enough space, or separate a 5-10GB space.Then in the Windows system management, set this external hard drive data recovery youtube partition as active in the disk management:

  2.Then read the ISO with a virtual CD-ROM drive, copy all external hard drive disk recovery mac the files in it to this partition (including hidden files) or we can also prepare a DVD9 disc and external hard drive disk recovery software burn it (not recommended, it is not easy to buy in China, and it is not available. It must be easy external hard drive failed recover dat a to use) or we can also use the network, local disk sharing, etc., boot through a boot disk and then external hard drive failure recovery mac access to run Winload.exe I have not tested it, it may not be easy to try.

  3.Start the installation: external hard drive file recovery free First check whether your computer motherboard supports USB device booting, if so, choose to boot external hard drive file recovery linux via USB when booting, and you can successfully enter the Windows 8 DP installation interface.

  (Note: external hard drive file recovery services If you can't enter normally, such as he reports HAL error, etc., then congratulations, your hardware external hard drive file recovery software is too avant-garde, it does not support.)

  When you have successfully entered to select the external hard drive format recovery software partition, you need to press Shift + F10 to call up the command line, OK this time we need to create a external hard drive free recovery software VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) and mount the VHD.

  Use the command line DIR to find a large enough partition external hard drive freezes data recovery on the existing partition first. I personally suggest to find a partition with more than 50GB free external hard drive head crash recovery space and remember his drive letter, such as D drive, enter the DISKPART tool, and enter the command external hard drive healthy recovery partition line DISKPART.

  Use the command create vdisk file="d: win8.vhd" type=expandable maximum= Create a external hard drive labled as recovery dynamically increasing VHD file with a maximum space of 50GB under the D: disk (of course you can external hard drive mechanical failure recovery also use a fixed size type=fixed).

  Everyone must be reminded. Don't think that it is dynamically external hard drive only showing recovery increasing the space. I can create it in a partition with less than 50GB left. Like this, although the external hard drive partition recovery free general virtual machine can read and boot the system or files in this VHD, However, booting directly external hard drive partition recovery software from a physical machine is still not possible, because she has to create a logical partition according external hard drive partition recovery tool to the VHD setting when booting, so if you are already less than 50GB, and he still needs to external hard drive partition recovery tools take up 50GB of space, it will report insufficient space mistake.So remember to choose a partition with external hard drive password recovery software enough space, and then set a reasonable maximum.

  Then select this VHD file and mount it:

  Click external hard drive raw format recovery refresh in the interface of selecting the partition to install, find the partition you just mounted, external hard drive raw recover dat a after confirming the size, select it, the next step is to start the formal installation.

  The above external hard drive recover lost partition steps to create a VHD can also be done in the disk management of your existing Win7, menus, actions, external hard drive recover partition table and create a VHD:

  Then, restart and install successfully.

  After Windows 8 is installed, it external hard drive recovery after format will generate its own Boot Manager, and this Boot Manager supports booting Win8 directly from VHD, so external hard drive recovery bay are a you should see the following interface:

  See the above interface, select the system you want to external hard drive recovery cape town enter.

  If you are familiar with BCDEdit, you can also modify the Boot Manager content yourself or use external hard drive recovery charlotte nc Windows 7 Boot Manager.The EasyBCD tool is recommended here. It has a visual interface and is simple external hard drive recovery colorado springs to operate, which is much more intuitive than the command line bcdedit.(It is recommended for external hard drive recovery cost reddit familiar students to operate, otherwise it is easy to get into the system)

  Okay, it's roughly the external hard drive recovery data mac simple steps. The entire installation process takes less than 20 minutes. Finally, look at my screenshot external hard drive recovery deleted files after logging in: