DEDE56 Dream weaving 57 Search results are sorted by clickthe latest original available code[Win11 Solutions]

14 2021-08-24 21:10

  I believe everyone is very positive about DEDE5.6 DEDE5.7's site search is very disappointing, and hp recovery image to usb windows 7 the external hard drive mass production network is also the same. Although the search results have hp recovery manager bootable usb windows 10 been optimized to match the search results by title, for example, when searching for "Kingston", there hp recovery manager does not recognize usb will be a lot of articles with Kingston keywords, which are completely updated. The release time hp recovery manager export windows to usb is sorted, which means that the latest release is displayed first. The problem is that the results hp recovery manager to new hard drive you want to search are the results everyone needs, but the latest release is not necessarily what you hp recovery manager usb stick windows 8 need, and a few pages of search results make The user is at a loss;

  How to solve it, external hard hp recovery manager windows 10 usb boot drive Mass Production Network thought of sorting the search results by clicks. Of course, first of hp recovery manager windows 10 usb download all, has anyone encountered the same problem under Baidu and Google. I am disappointed that most of hp recovery manager windows 8 1 usb the online tutorials are the old version of DEDE tutorials. Not available, first of all hp recovery manager windows 8 usb download /include/inc_arcsaerch_view.PHP can't be found in the new version of DEDE dream weaving program at all, the new hp recovery media creation not recognizing usb version of the site search for PHP files is actually /include/arc.searchview.class.php, followed by hp recovery media creator usb windows 8 $this->OrderBy='dede_full_search.aid desc'; the code is in the new version of arc.searchview.class. hp recovery media doesn't see usb drive It is not found in the php file, so it can't be modified according to the online tutorial;

  How to hp recovery media on a usb stic do it?The problem is definitely solvable, I found that in the arc.searchview.class.The comment of hp recovery media on a usb stick "Sorting Method" on line 467 of the php file is the code for sorting the search results. How to solve hp recovery on new hard drive failing it?!Consult a master, the solution is as follows:

  In /include/arc.searchview.class.Change the code hp recovery partition on external hard drive above the comment of "//search" under the comment "//search" on line 467 of the php file to the hp recovery partition to new hard drive following code:

  if($this->ChannelType< 0 ||$this->ChannelTypeid< 0){


  $ordersql="order hp recovery usb flash drive windows 10 by arc.aid desc";

  }else if($orderby=="senddate"){

  $ordersql="order by arc.senddate hp recovery usb flash drive windows 8.1 desc";

  $ordersql=" order by desc";


  $ordersql=" order by arc.senddate hp recovery usb windows 10 free download desc";

  else if($orderby=="pubdate")

  $ordersql=" order by arc.pubdate desc";

  else hp recovery windows 7 new hard drive if($orderby=="id")

  $ordersql=" order by desc";

  $ordersql=" order by desc";

  Test whether hp stream system recovery usb flash drive it is resolved: as shown in the figure below

  Quickly modify your search code, optimize the hp system recovery from usb winodws 10 search results of dream weaving and greatly improve the user experience.!

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